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radian-island-hotelBadian Island Hotel & Resort

great cebu badian island resort & spa

Cebu Badian Island Resort is considered as the "green resort" with health and beauty services any travel can avail...

It is not only an island and resort but also a place where you can totally surrender yourself and trust their services for you well-being.

This nice place is situated in the southern part of Cebu where you can find various vacation destinations including beach resorts and adventure sites. 

Anyways, let's check out some of the major features of Badian Island Resort...

interesting features

Basically, the island is complete the following features...

  • an island located off the Southwest Coast of this province with natural beauty
  • 8-hectare resort with lush palm trees & sandy white beaches
  • you can observe fishers on their outriggers slipping by silently against the setting sun...
  • tranquil, relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere and services

So, after having read some features of this fantastic resort, find out a little bit more of its amazing facilities and services. Depending on one's preferences and tastes, this place offers what one is looking for in a vacation place. In addition, the resort is also suitable for business or any social functions.

At this place, you would certainly get what you paid for. So, here are Badian's..

Amenities, Cebu Badian Island Resort & Spa

Badian Island Resort offers a peaceful and elegant suites...

  • Thalasso Pool Villa & pool
  • Badian suite, Junior Suite, and Family Suite
  • Restaurant & Bars: offers Traditional & Exotic; Special Menus - Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, international...
  • Offers Wedding Ceremony celebrations & Honeymoon Services (packages)

You may continue reading for more fun and interesting offers...

Benefits and Interesting Programs, Badian Island Resort & Spa

  • Sun and water sports: hobby cat, jet blast, aqua cycle, banana boat, windsurfing, paddleboating, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.
  • Indoor games: table tennis, billiards, etc.
  • Entertainments: dinner dancing at the clubhouse, Filipinia night, fiesta sa baybayon, etc.
  • Excursions: Kawasan Falls and other scenic places, tropical forests, etc.

Facilities of Badian Island Resort & Spa

This is just a summary of most things that Badian Resort can offer...

private beach, Thalasso pool villa, spa & sauna, restaurants, bars, beach & pool parties, freshwater swimming pool, excursions, free sports, roundtrip transfers, accept credit cards, etc.

finding cebu badian island

Here are the details you will need if you want to learn more or have decided to spend a great time at this paradise:

  • Address: BADIAN ISLAND RESORT & SPA, Badian Island, Cebu, Philippines
  • Telephone: (+63-32) 401 3303 to 05
  • Fax: (+63-32) 401-3302
  • Reservation e-mail:
  • Website:

Thanks for visiting this page and hope you'll have the happiest holiday this time of your life! Until your next visit, have a good day!

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