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Cebu Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island SunriseSunrise on Bantayan Island

Cebu Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is one of the famous islands in Cebu that capture the hearts of both locals and foreign visitors.

Due to the province's great islands and their beaches, marine life, and people, many settled down there to experience what life is supposed to be - clean environment, tranquil, happy...

Among the beautiful and mostly untouched islands, let's try and explore...

Cebu Bantayan Island, Philippines
Bantayan is popularly known as an island paradise in the country. For that reason, tourists who love such tropical endowment come and visit to experience a relax and laid-back life, and free-from- noise paradise. Some foreigners even settled down and build their own cottages...

Sites you can search through to get to know Cebu Bantayan Island...

  • http://wowbantayan.com/wowhome/ - recommended site
  • http://www.bantayanisland.org/bantayan_getting_here.html
  • http://www.bamboo-oriental.com/content/eng_bantayan.html
  • http://www.bantayan.net/about-bantayan-island.php

Camotes islands
This famous island is also known for its pristine clear water and powdery white sand beaches. It has four islands which are also comprised with three beautiful sub-islands. It is located 25 km northeast of Cebu and is accessible by 'pump-boat', as it is locally known, which is an outrigger canoe type of vehicle...

You can search Camotes islands through the following links...

  • http://www.travelcamotes.com/
  • http://www.camotesresorts.com.ph/
  • http://www.mylittleislandhotel.com/theisland.php

Malapascua Island
There is so much to be explored that it is quite difficult to describe this island in just one sentence. Anyway, this island is great: white beaches, friendly locals, blue waters, highly recommended for snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring caves, beach partying...

  • http://www.malapascua-island.com/
  • http://malapascua.net/
  • http://www.malapascua-diving.com/malapascua.html
  • http://www.malapascua.com.ph/

Sumilon Island
The name 'sumilon' means to "take refuge" or be protected from the hot sunshine, heavy rain, or being safe from anything. This island is a 24-hectare lush tropical plants with diverse living flora and fauna being surrounded by sparkling azure waters...

  • http://www.dumagueteinfo.com/sumilon-island.php
  • http://sumilonbluewater.com.ph/
  • http://www.hotel.com.au/Sumilon-Island-Philippines/

Badian Island
Badian is one of the most visited places of Cebu province. It has a total land area of 107 square kms. It's about 97 kilometers southwest of Cebu city. It is filled with historical landmarks as well as natural attractions including beaches, dive-sites, resorts, and accommodations...

  • http://mingsworld.com/badian-island
  • http://badianhotel.com/ - Top recommendation!

Mactan Island
Yes, the famous island where you can find the local hero, international airport of the province, economic zones, luxurious hotels and resorts... It is famous among most travelers and tourists especially foreigners who want to enjoy a tropical life, while at the same time do business...

  • http://www.philippines-hotels.ws/mactan-island/
  • http://www.mactan.com/
  • http://www.shangri-la.com/cebu/mactanresort

Olango Island Group
This group of islands is great for experiencing or observing diverse coastal ecosystem. You can see all sorts of sea-grass beds, coral reefs, fishes, migratory birds taking refuge here from the winter seasons of Siberia, Northern China, and Japan...

  • http://www.malapascua-island.com/Cebu/Olango_Island/hauptteil_olango_island.html
  • http://www.theislandsgroup.com/mangrove-planting-at-olango-sanctuary.html

Apo Island
Apo is another known island for its diverse marine life. Its marine sanctuaries have a documented 650 fish specie and over 400 hundred coral specie. For that, visitors and tourists have to give an entrance fee for the islands projects for conservation...

  • http://www.apoisland.com/
  • http://www.aposhore.com/
  • http://www.apoislandresort.com/

Calamangan Island
Calamangan is a small white beach island just off the southern coastline of Malapascua island. It is one of the famous divesites among dive centers located in Malapascua. The slope reef walls covered with both soft and hard corals are home to lionfish, eels, nudibranches, scorpion-fish...

  • http://www.philippinen-tauchen.com/malapascua-divesite-small-beach-calangaman.php

Pescador Island
Yes, as its name says, this island is a fishing area among locals. As it is known for abundant fish supply, it is also the home to diverse marine life being enlivened by myriad coral specie, seagrass, reef fish, sea turtles, eels, and all sorts of crippers that every snorkelers and divers love...

  • http://www.scubadivephilippines.com/SCUBAtdivepescador.shtml
  • http://www.savedra.com/divePescador.html
  • http://www.divemagazine.co.uk/travel/diving-destinations/south-east-asia/4087-pescador-island-cebu-philippines

Jibitngil (or Gibitngil) Island
This island is another sea paradise to snorkelers and divers alike. It has more than 209 hectares of gentle terrain being surrounded by turquoise waters, that actually set contrast to the dazzling white coralline sands and colorful diverse corals...

  • http://virginbeachresortcebu.com/medellin-cebu-philippines/

And more islands, as beautiful and unique as Cebu Bantayan island, Philippines. You can also explore...

Gapas-Gapas Island

Doong Islands

Cordova Island

Chocolate Island

Carnaza Island

Hope to see you in Cebu Bantayan island... Or, in one of the islands in that province.

Thanks a lot for reading through this page. Please, come and visit more often this site to discover more nice destinations in Cebu's provincial island.

Have a wonderful day, then!

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