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Therapeutic Cebu Blind Massage

Writer: Air Borne
Published: 9/24/2016

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Cebu Blind Massage

Too much stress at work and daily routine tasks at home can be so tiring and weakening not only to the physical body but also to the mind that one needs a good therapeutic massage.  Getting a massage can be a therapy for minor illnesses like headaches, backaches, leg cramps and so on.

I remember many years ago when the world was still young, my mom used to invite a “manghihilot,”  a Cebuano term for masseur, whenever I get a stomach ache or sprained ankle as a result of too much running or playing around with friends, both girls and boys.  Or else, when I get sick out of simple colds, my mom would give me a massage on the head and arms and, more often than not, my eyes dozed off and had fallen asleep.  On the following day, my body is up again and I continued to play around, as if there is no tomorrow.  That is how I recall my first encounter with the principle of therapeutic massage.

Since then, I grew up finding relief and comfort from massage whenever my body needs to be physically well.  I find this alternative therapy more effective and less costly than taking synthetic medicines. I do not discount the benefits of taking these medicines because they indeed can give immediate relief to the suffering individuals.

I have tried several hands touching and rubbing my body with oil in different SPA salons here in Cebu and Manila.  But, there is only one touch that can satisfy me to a maximum level.  These are the hands of a blind masseur.  Yes, blind people who are trained to massage.  If memory serves me right, I came to know about this blind massage way back in the 80’s.  We used to call a blind masseur for a home service at the rate of P150.

Training for Cebu blind massage masseurs

As I gather from these gifted masseurs, they underwent a six-month course on therapeutic massage conducted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.  In this course, they are taught that the cure or therapy for an illness can be better treated by massaging the pressure points that are located in the different parts of the body like the hands and feet.  

I can relate this information to the one written by Gissing Liu and it says, “therapists need to have a thorough knowledge of the whole of the human body, its channels and pressure points; they need to know how to knead, push and pull in order to manipulate it.  With this treatment they can help ease muscle, tendon and ligament problems and also treat more complex illnesses.”

Benefits from therapeutic blind massage

The article further says, “the key difference with blind massage, says Li Yuan, is not in the treatment method, but in the person doing it.  Giving a good massage is dependent on a person’s tactile sensitivity.  Obviously, blind people have a strong advantage in this and so they have a good chance of finding employment.”
Blind massage clinics are now stationed in almost every mall here in Cebu.  I am very happy that these clinics are proliferating everywhere because aside from helping the blind masseur earn their living, the touch of their hands keeps on healing me.  If it can heal me, I’m sure it can heal you too. 
For me, more than the benefits that the synthetic medicines can provide, there is no better alternative therapy than the blind therapeutic massage to relieve our bodies from stress and tensions.  It is just so soothing that you keep going back to blind massage clinics.

cebu-spa-massageSpa and massage services in Cebu

Blind Massage Outlets & Affordable Rates

Now, if you really get interested and wanted to try in Cebu here are some places...

In Osmena Boulevard, one is inside the premises of YMCA [Young Men’s Christian Association].  Rates as follows:  1 hour body massage – P150/hour [lying and seating positions]; 30minutes half body massage – P80.00.  You may call (032) 253-4057 or 253-0691 for more information.

In Colon Street, one is located on the Second Floor of the Colonnade Mall. Rates: 1 hour body massage – P200 [sitting position]; P250 [lying position]; 30 minutes half body massage – P100 [sitting position]; P150 [lying position]. 

Another one is located on the 3rd Floor of 138 Mall. Rates: 1 hour body massage P200 [sitting or lying position]; 30 minutes half body massage – P100 [sitting or lying position].

Gaisano Fiesta Mall – Tabunok, located on the Second Floor near SSS Office.  Rates: 1 hour body massage – P200 [sitting position only]; 30 minutes half body massage – P100 [sitting position only].  They do not have beds are available for now. 
Gaisano Grand Mall – Minglanilla.  Rates: 1 hour body massage – P200 [sitting position only]; 30 minutes half body massage – P100 [sitting position only].

Certainly, if you ask around you will might be surprised that a blind masseur in Cebu is among one of your neighbors.

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