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Body and Sole Massage

Body and Sole massage and spa, Cebu City

Cebu Body and Sole Massage Centers

Cebu Body and Sole is a thriving massage franchise located at the heart of the city. Its first establishment opened in 2003 with a 150 square meter space at Raintree Mall.

And recently, the franchise is expanding not only in Cebu are but also in various regions of the country.

This franchise offers "The core concept on total relaxation at half the cost earned the company a loyal clientele following that is hard to match in the spa industry."

The company continues to explore and expand by inviting able, qualified and determined entrepreneurs through its franchising partnership program.

Body and Sole's vision is to see the whole country being pampered with quality service and half the cost earned by the company.

Having had a glimpse of Body & Sole, let's see what they got

Offers and Amenities

Cebu Body and Sole Spa hot stone massage healing session.

First, Body and Sole proudly offers its spa services that include...

  • Pamper you body...
  • Rejuvenate Your Face
  • Sooth Your Hands and Feet
  • Smooth Your Skin

In addition to such fantastic services, Body & Sole also offers spa packages for your greater spa experience. The packages include:

  • Package 1: Body Scrub + Regular Body Massage
  • Package 2: Foot Spa+ Body Scrub + Regular Facial
  • Package 3: Regular Facial + Foot Spa + Foot and Hand Relax
  • Package 4: Foot Spa + Regular Body Massage + Regular Facial
  • Package 5: Foot Spa + Body Scrub + Regular Body Massage + Regular Facial

Depending on the package of your choice, the treatment will take 2 to 4 hours. And your choice, which you won't regret, also determines the price rate.

Massage and spa oil and ingredientsSpecial indigenous and traditional oils being used for massage, e.g. coconut oil

More Services & Benefits

Aside from the main massage and spa services being offered at their branches in Cebu and other areas, Body and Sole also provides special services that are not being offered by most massage and spas I have known.

The Body & Sole has the following unique great offers...

  • Home and Hotel services
  • Spa Indulgence - Buy a coupon and gift it to your friends & loved ones.
  • Spa Party - You can book the entire spa for 4-5 hours for your loved ones; includes sauna, body massage, body scrub, popcorn, etc.
  • Spa Catering Service - This brings the spa to your homes, clubs, party places, or anywhere you want the service to be offered.

Wow! That's an amazing offer...

I hope to do this sometime with my family and friends. I'm pretty sure they would love it as much as I do.

Finding Cebu Body and Sole

Finding this amazing massage service shop is not difficult to do. Please, use the following details for inquiry or getting to the place.

  • Suite 139 Ground Floor Raintree Mall, F. Ramos St. Cebu City, Philippines 6000
  • Telephone: +63 (0) 32 2549639
  • Fax:             +63 (0) 32 2545026
  • Mobile No. +63 9228195716
  • Email:
  • Website:

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Getting To Cebu City

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Have a great refreshing & rejuvenating massage and spa!

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