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Crunchy Cebu Chicken

Who said that fast foods are bad for your health? Well, for me it all depends on how you cook and what ingredients you include on your menu.

Some say that pizza, fried chicken, burgers, or anything fries and burgers are bad for your health.

But… what do you say to people, many countless people who are enjoying their lives eating fast food products and stay healthy?

Anyway, whatever your argument or answers are I’ll introduce you to some good places where they offer good fast food products in Cebu provincial island.
So, let me start with chicken… and the famous one that I used to visit…

Sunburst Fried Chicken
This Cebu chicken fast food chain is one of the best and my favorite. What I like about their fried chicken is that they are not oily and WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get).

That’s my honest comment because in other countries, their chicken is so dressed up with flour and other ‘ingredients’ that you can’t actually taste the real chicken meat.

Okay, let’s see what Sunburst is offering…

Special Menu:
Specialties of the house: chilled coke, french fries, rice – Classic (3pcs), Sunduo (2ocs), Sunny Solos (1pc – thigh or ribkeel)

Pansit-Tipid: sotanghon guisado, bihon guisado, canton, lomi (photos available)

Combo tipid: canton, bihon, sotanghon

Chick ‘n Crackers – crispy chicken skin chicharon

Thigh Double Fried Chicken – served with coleslaw, catsup, Worcestershire sauce

Sotanghon Guisado

Prime cuts: drumsticks, ribkeel, wings, thigh, tail

Double: drumstick, ribkeel, wings, thigh

Quadro: drumstick, wings

Chicken: Ala King with rice, curry with rice, cutlet

Crunchy Chicken Skins

Now, these are the two special places where you can find this special Cebu chicken menu...

  • Tel # +63.32.233-1820 (SM) | +63.32.254-9400 (Capitol)
    SM City Cebu City Cebu
  • Sunburst Fried Chicken, Ayala Center Cebu
    2/F, The Terraces, Ayala Center, Cebu City, Philippines
    (032) 232-2305

More Cebu chicken fast food chain provider

Sunburst is not the only popular chicken restaurant or chain in the country. The other famous one is popular to both young and adult chicken meat lovers, the one and only...

Jollibee Chicken Nuggets & Spicy Chicken

Jollibee started as a two-branch ice cream store in the mid-1970’s which sells hot food and sandwiches. In 1978, Jollibee had seven outlets and the possibility of selling hamburger was highly contemplated then.

Jollibee is one company that has revolutionized the production of fast food in the Philippines.

Brief History of Jollibee in the 80s (www.clickcity.com)
1984 – P500 million sales, Top 500 Philippine Corporation
1987 – Country’s Top 100 Corporations
1989 – P1 billion sales mark
1993 – 1st Philippine fast food chain enlisted in the Philippine Stock Exchange

And so Jollibee has expanded its capitalization and strengthened its foundation sustaining expansion both nationally and internationally.

Now, enough with history… let’s see what Jollibee is offering nowadays.
My favorite is the usual fried chicken with rice and that nice gravy… uhmm.

Yummy Menu:

  • Burgers – Yum! With cheese, TLC, Champ 1/3 pound beef patty, Hashbrown
  • Burger Chicken – Chicken Joy, Spicy Chicken Joy, Chickenjoy Bucket, Chicken Nugget Crunchers
  • Noodles – Chicken & Mushroom Pasta, Spaghetti, Palabok Fiesta
  • Rice Meals – Grilled Pork Tenders, Burger Steak, Crispy Bangus, 5-pcs Shanghai Rolls
  • Sandwiches & Sides – Fries Zesty Cheese, Fries BBQ,, Peach Mango Pies, Crunchy Chicken Burger, Jolly Hotdog Classic…
  • Desserts – Coffee Float, Chocolate Float, Milo Blast, Strawberry Sundae, Green Apple Float, etc.
  • Breakfast – Hotdog with Pancake, Longanisa with Pancake, Chicken Sausage with Garlic Rice, Chicken Sausage with Pancake, Corned Beef Pan de sal with Egg, and...
  • JKM – JKM Chicken Nuggets, JKM Spaghetti, JKM Yum, JKM Chickenjoy

Here are the contacts for the addresses…

Bakilid, Mandaue City
032 346 2723

Pelaez Extension, Cebu City
032 256 1960

F. Llamas, Barangay, Punta Prinsesa, Cebu City
032 261 0700

Lapu-Lapu City Branch

Mango Avenue, Zapatera, Cebu City
032 254 2266

V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City
032 254 2266

Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City

A. Del Rosario Street, Mandaue City

Jose Maria del Mar Street, Cebu City

Paseo Ciudad, 3/L Ayala Center Cebu City Cebu
Tel # +63.32.232-1099 | +63.32.253-9311 | +63.32.238-6542 (TF)

ANDY’s CrunchChicken

Yes, Andy’s Crunchicken is another popular provider of crispy, tender, juicy and flavor-filled chicken. In addition, you’ll be amazed by its creamy gravy, side dishes and desserts of reasonable price.

Andy’s, for your great convenience, also provides take-out services to all customers who are in a hurry and just want to bring fried chicken home…

Andy’s Crunchicken is a home-grown and originally Cebu City fried chicken provider with outlets in the provincial island.

Andy’s Crunchicken is a Filipino-owned business now managed by Crunchee Food Chain Corp.
Tel # +63.32.414-7957 (TF) | +63.32.238-0450

Cebu Kenwood Marketing Compound, Upper Malibu, Subangdaku Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines.

So, they are just a few of the Cebu chicken restaurants providers among the many available on this island. Please, visit this site again for anything you want to discover about Cebu Province. Basically, you can find all sorts of travel destinations and vacation resources here.

Thanks again for reading to the end this page.

Fried chicken lovers, please enjoy your chicken meal!

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