"Historic Cebu Colon Street -
The Shortest & Oldest Road..."

Old Cebu Colon Street, Philippines

Colon street a must see place in the province of Cebu, also known as the shortest and oldest national road in the Philippines.

Colon street is named after Cristobal Colon also known as Christopher Columbus.

Through the years, Colon Street became more popular when Miguel Lopez de Legaspi developed the place based on the town plan.

Now, Colon is the place where you can find fashionable shops, movie houses, and different offices, as one of the busiest street in Metro Cebu.

The oldest and shortest street in Cebu is Colon Street.

These are the photos of Colon Street before and today.

Cebu Colon Street today

Center of Trade & Commerce and Education

It has become the place for commercial activities in the province.

In Colon area, it is also where the first establishments like buildings, offices and universities (including: University of Cebu, University of San Carlos and University of San Jose – Recoletos) are conveniently located

Colon Street is also known as the center of trade and commerce. Many businessmen and investors believe that if they invest in Colon the profit is halfway to be achieved because of its popularity.

Colon witnessed the rise and downfall of Cebu, making it more historical than any street in the province.

During Christmas season, Colon is the perfect place to visit, where you can witness colorful Christmas decors.

It is also a perfect place for searching a good value for your money...

Cebu's Colon Street at night is the busiest street in the province.

Shopping Center

One of the highlights in Colon Street, is the annual tiange, also called as the open – air market, where shoppers double in number than usual.

Started in the year 2000, shoppers choose Colon instead of going to malls because Colon shops and stores offer much cheaper prices.

Colon Street is the center of Cebu City where people shops, watch movies, do business, and where universities are located.

The Shoppers' Choice of Comfort

Colon still holds the title as the 'bargain hunters' area, because the shoppers after a tiresome day of shopping may take comfort and reward themselves by indulging...

in movies, fast foods, halo-halo (ice-cream refreshment with fruits & all sorts of beans), common restaurants, etc.

Knowing the Street's history is as rewarding as much as the things you can enjoy with in this area.

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