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Cebu Grand Royal Spa. cebu massage & spa

Cebu Grand Royal Spa


Grand Royal Spa was first established in 2004, owned and operated by Mr Siao.

Just within a few months, a branch was opened to more clients looking for their excellent services.

And six months after the first was established, a franchise was established in Marikina City, Manila.

Recently, Grand Royal has five branches in Cebu and four other franchises in other provinces of the country.

What is more special at Grand Royal's establishment is that it offers high quality of services but at a lower cost.

Without further adieu, please check out its facilities and services...

This is a rejuvenating Hot Stone Massage at Grand Royal Spa, Cebu City, Philippines.

Offers & Services

Grand Royal serves you like a royal, for which everyone deserves to get. With their highly trained and expert therapists, this spa franchise offers...

  • Foot Massage
  • Facial Cleaning
  • Foot Scrub
  • Body Massage
  • Bentosa Cupping
  • Stone Massage
  • Body Scrub

Generally, similar services & offers are available in other branches of this franchise.

If you are searching to establish a business franchise related with spa service, you may use the detail below to find out their conditions and requirements.

Benefits of Massage & Spa

  1. eases pains and improves physical motion
  2. immune system of the body increases as the flow of energy and blood circulation can be enhanced
  3. enhances and activates weak body parts: muscles, joints...
  4. helps relax tired, injured, and overstretched muscles, tendons, and joints
  5. removes and prevents muscle spasms and cramps
  6. helps rejuvenate or regenerate tissues, muscles, skin marks and injured skin and muscles
  7. increases oxygen and nutrient intake into a body's organs and tissues
  8. relieves stress and pressure
  9. Etc.

Who doesn't want to have such kind of treatment? In sum, massage can provide you both physical and emotional advantages and benefits compared with those who does not avail it.

In particular, massages is advisable and recommended to those of us who are either overworked or/and lack excercise. The overuse of muscles and brain causes degeneration of one immune system and physical vitality.

On the other hand, lacking exercise entails less development of muscles and other vital parts and organs of our body. Thus, massage can enliven those unused muscles and activates body organs to function well for their intended purposes.

Address & Contacts

You may use the information below to get to any branch of Grand Royal within the city or other branches in the country.

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