Cebu Impressions

by Suh Ahram
(Seoul, South Korea)

I generally see Cebu as a good place for travel. One of its great advantages is its being an island province with satellite islands surrounding the main island. These satellite islands are the stars of the province making it shine and popular to both local and foreign visitors.

Although not all beaches have white sands, they have fantastic and long stretches of beaches for a visitor to stroll and enjoy with.
The island beaches are not so developed that they look more natural, not man-made and less commercialized.

But the problem with Cebu is that not many facilities, such as regular boats or ferries that travel back and forth in those islands, are available. You have to wait for hours and hours before you get to you destination. This situation limits tourists ability to move around or travel conveniently, thus, discouraging other potential visitors to come and giving bad impressions.

People are quite accommodating and hospitable. They smile a lot and seems very friendly. But not all are friendly - you have to keep you valuables, phones and wallets very carefully.

Walking around Cebu city itself is not a pleasurable experience. It's polluted and the traffic is heavy! You better stay inside SM mall or other departments stores to keep yourself cool and much safer - because they have armed security guards at the entrances and even inside those buildings. Since they don't use electronic detectors, I found it very annoying to have my bag being poked. You feel like you're a suspect being interrogated, huh! Anyway, they said it's for your own safety, fair enough!

Yes, I will visit Cebu again, and I think it's an interesting place. It's cheap and only a few hours flight.

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Nov 04, 2017

by: Abraham K

Thanks for leaving a great message!

Aug 28, 2012
Good & Honest Observation
by: Cebu Bluewaters

Yes, that's a great comment for Cebu based on your experience and personal impressions. I'm sure that if you explored deeper and see more things all the more you'll see and appreciate the resources that Cebu can offer to visitors and travelers like you...

Great thanks for your honest and straightforward observation. We hope and expect that more people will express freely their minds and impressions, or even tell their stories...

Enjoy your travels, Suh Jin!

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