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Experience the 18th Century Japan!

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Bath & Massage Oil from Indigenous Plants

Cebu Mogambo Springs, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa


Mogambo Springs at the Spa at Plantation Bay Resort has its own unique signature among spas in this island.

It is designed to emulate the 18th century Japanese village that had waterfalls, creeks, and misty atmosphere...

Set inside the more than 11-hectare secluded grounds, this privately-owned resort can provide you decompression from the pressures of your busy life...

So, let's go and see what they got...

Offers & Services

Mogambo offers facial treatments including...

  • Galvanic Spa - diminishes wrinkles & rejuvenates skin
  • Eye Contour Treatment - refreshes and decongests eye areas
  • For Sensitive Skin - soothes & relaxes your skin
  • Deep Down Clean - cleanses, regulates, & refine pores
  • Smooth as Silk - reduces stress & wrinkles
  • Oxygenating facial with Amethyst Stone - restores, stimulates, and improves your skin...
Plantation Bay Resort & Mogambo Springs Spa. Beaches in Cebu are great for swimming, snorkeling, diving and other fun activities.

Jacuzzi - Japanese style of enjoying bath...

Body Treatments

Here are Mogambo, you will find lots of physical and mentally rejuvenating treatments that are great in relieving all sorts of pains and stresses.

To name some, here are their representative treatments...

  • body scrub
  • cooling cucumber wrap
  • detoxifying mud wrap
  • re-mineralizing body wrap
  • slimming body wrap
  • seaweed salt bath
  • floral and herbal bath

In addition to the above body treatment offers, you will also find great and soothing therapies for various parts of your body. It means that specialized treatments and service is being offered depending on the needs of the guest.

Check out the following...

Massage Therapies

  • pool massage
  • stress relieving chair massage
  • full body massage
  • foot heaven
  • foot reflexology
  • pregnant women's massage, and more...

Mogambo Springs also offers you special spa packages so that you would not only enjoy the whole service but also save some amount during your stay.

For this offer, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa offers...

Special Spa Packages

  1. relaxation indulgence
  2. sweet enchantment
  3. aromatic tranquility
  4. soul escape
  5. double-treat happiness
  6. soothing delight
  7. ultimate Mogambo Springs experience

Certainly, you already some of these offers, however, you are not sure about some of them, you may use the contact info below for your further inquiry.

Plantation Bay Resort's spa services offer lots of enjoyable facilities on this part of the island. So, aside from the extended swimming pool, natural environment, and spacious resort, you can enjoy its specialized spa facilities...

Facilities & Benefits

  • Hot pools with Jacuzzis
  • Thalassic pool
  • Cascading massage waterfalls
  • Needle shower nook
  • Dry sauna
  • Steam room

Wow! sounds really inviting. I wonder how much it would cost me (:...

For reservation and further details, you may use the...

Address & Contacts

  • Address: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa Marigondon, Mactan IslandCebu, Philippines 6015
  • Telephone: + 63 - 32 - 505 9800
  • Fax + 63 - 32 - 505 9818
  • Manila Office: Suite 906, National Life Insurance BuildingAyala Ave., Makati City, Philippines
  • Telephone: + 63 - 2 - 844 5024 to 25
  • Fax: + 63 - 2 - 844 5030
  • Website: http://plantationbay.com/
A nice view of Plantation bay resort and spa swimming pool surrounded by tropical huts.

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