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Cebu Normal University Museum

Cebu Normal University Museum is popularly known for its permanent collections of Pre-Spanish Era, Spanish Era, Philippine Revolution, Education Gallery, Natural History, and Art Gallery Sections.

Pre-Spanish Era Collections

Puso Designs

A commonly used tool by most Filipinos - puso - a handy invention to keepkeep inside a woven coconut leaves, is also being featured having six designs

Puso is said to originate as an offering during rituals to the gods during the pre-Spanish era.

Each design is offered to every class of gods in the ancient Cebuano animistic religion.

Art Gallery Section

A nude statue by a master sculptor Jovito Abellana is inspired by the first Miss Universe, Armi Kuusela.

A bust of his granddaughter and of Abraham Lincoln by award-winning sculptor Ramon Abellana seems to reflect the American presence in the country.

Education Gallery Section

An interesting portrait of a typical Grade One teacher is found in CNU museum.In addition, vintage photographs of educators and their students are also being displayed.

Students interesting projects during the late Spanish and early American periodsthat show great skills are also found in this section.

Philippine Revolution Section

This section displays a portrait of the Mysterious Solomon Manallili who wasreputed to be the arms supplier of Cebuano Katipuneros. Later on, he was captured andexecuted by Spanish authorities.

Spanish Era Section

Religious articles are the common features in this section. One of suchitem is the 1830's print entitled "La Verdadera Vina Cristina".

A brutal scene from World War II, painted by a Cebuano - Carmelo Tamayo -is also being featured.

Natural History Section

Naturally, this section contains a considerable collection of native floraand fauna.

Ambihid and Agusahis are two particular indigenous trees which are stillbeing studied by botanists for their distinct features. You can see them in bonsai forms.

Unusual-looking specimens of rock and mineral collection are also interestingto see, such as: opaline silica, andesite, weathered volcanic rocks, and seprentinized peridotite.

Cebu, being a coral-based island, is rich in fossils or various sorts, which can be seen in this section.

Yes, you'll find a lot more interesting items when you visit the place yourself, friends and family members. To find the place, here is the...

  • Address: Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City
  • Telephone No. +63(32)253-6223
  • Fax. +63(32)254-1130

Other important details

  • Museum Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday - by appointment only.

  • Admission Fees: Elem./High School 5.00, College Students 10.00, Adults/Professionals 20.00, Out-of-school youth and Special Children (in groups) Free

There you have all what you need to see that great place!

Hope you'll enjoy and have fun while learning worth your time...
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