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Getting a Cebu package deal & traveling around Cebu Province is a great idea and practice among enthusiastic tourists and adventurers alike. Among the provinces in the whole country, Cebu offers diverse travel resources and destinations.

In addition, Cebu Province is great for travelers mainly due to the following advantages and reasons...

  • Accessibility -- Cebu can be easily reached by ships, international and local flights, buses, ferries, etc.
  • Safety -- Peace and security in the province is well-monitored and maintained by the presence of military and police.
  • Nature - Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, caves, rivers, among other natural or environmental resources for exploration
  • Historic Sites -- Remnants and cultural heritages from the past and colonial period offers various sites waiting for interested visitors & explorers

Okay, you may watch this short video clip and start thinking about a travel or tour package you wish to get...

Irresistible package for your holidays... Get It Now!

Yes, I know that you want to see new places. But the problem is that you always say "I got no time" or "I'm so busy"...

No worries! Travel agencies have already prepared your holiday itinerary. Travel or tour Cebu islands with its interesting package deals!

"What sort of package is great for me?", you may ask.

Here are some of the most popular deals you can choose from...

  • Cebu travel or Tour Packages
  • Cebu Scuba Diving Packages
  • Cebu Honeymoon Packages
  • Camiguin or Boracay Packages from Cebu
  • Bohol or Palawan Packages from Cebu
  • Cebu Vacations & Tourism
  • Cebu Diving & Snorkeling Vacations, and more...

OK, just relax, I will expand a bit those packages. Here are some quick information for the impatients... And you may also click the ones with links...

CEBU TRAVEL & TOUR PACKAGES (click this link to see more!)

...are a lot cheaper than traveling through normal procedures. For sure, you can save more time and money through package deals.

But, I want to emphasize that packages such as these are only for the "so busy people" who just want to come, enjoy, and go.

So, "What activities are involved in these package deals"? It all depends on the tour agency and the time and money you want to spend.

Mantigue Island in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, Philippines. Photo:

Here are some activities:

  • Aquamarine Tour Package
  • Beach Tour & Lunch
  • Cebu City and Mactan Island Tour
  • Cultural Show, Shopping, Casino...
  • Cebu Countryside Tours with meals
  • Fishing Adventure, Island Picnic...
  • Island Hopping/Picnic, Sunset Cruise, Banana Boat, etc.
  • Mactan Island Tour, etc.
  • Parasailing, Jetskiing, Snorkeling
  • Twin City Tour, Cebu Tops Tour with Dinner, etc.
  • Heritage Tour, Museum Tour, and more...

Most of these packages include the pickup and drop off at the airport/seaport or designated hotels. So, don't worry about transports when you arrive.

If you love adventures and prefers to see amazing sea creatures, you can choose from...

Lion Fish

CEBU DIVING ADVENTURES (Click this link to SEE more!)

Diving is very interesting, but you can do it only if you areexperienced, taking diving lessons, or has a license to dive... I'm sure! There are...

  • Standard packages. It means you'll take an exclusive boat; free pick up and drop off at some hotels; barbecue lunch & drinks, snorkel set, diving equipment, dive guide, etc.

  • Executive packages. You'll have an executive's treatment: exclusive boat, free pick up and drop off, diving equipment, towels, boat steward and helper, etc.

  • Dive safari packages. These packages are for experienced divers who want to explore not only the Cebu dive sites but also the neighboring provinces. Usually, such packages take up 5 days. It includes accommodations, meals, diving in various dive sites and sanctuaries...

"What can I see down there?"

Lots of things! And, it would be breath-taking, I'd say.

You will enjoy swimming with colorful fishes (mandarin fish, ghost pipe fish, lionfish), stingrays, soft and hard coral gardens;

... and discover shipwrecks, airplane wrecks; also encounter sharks (whale sharks, thresher sharks, barracudas, hammerheads, whitetip sharks)...

and anything you can find under the blue tropical seawaters.

ghostpipe fish

Ghost Pipe Fish

If you're really interested, keep looking for it at this site for more information and details.

Now, let's investigate another interesting offer, which is...


Right, this is the romantic part of this business!And very important for the newly-wed couples... You'll havelots of packages you can choose from. Here aresome of your Cebu package hot deals...

  • Island Honeymoon Package: accommodation, meals, entertainment & serenade; excursions - glassbottom boat tour, picnic, snorkeling; sports - windsurfing, indoor games;drinks - beer, cocktails, softdrinks; amenities - free gifts. A helicopter will take you to an island...
  • Hotel Honeymoon Package: The hotel is usually located in scenic places... superb view of the city skyline, the mountains, or the blue seas of the island. This package includes airport transfer, buffet meals, room service breakfast, discounted health rooms, and more...
  • Beach Resort Honeymoon Package: This includes deluxe oceanview room, meals, souvenirs, romantic dinner, serenade, traditional message, dolphin cruise, etc...

Other sorts of Cebu package deals will take you to places outside of Cebu. They are also popular islands and are competitively attractive places, too!

Cebu beach resorts offer various facilities and services including infinity swimming pools, tropical cottages, sea food meals, etc.

Thanks for visiting this page. To help improve the quality and service it can offer, please send us any constructive suggestions and comments. We would love to hear from you!

See you somewhere in one of Cebu's beaches.

Enjoy your holidays!

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