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A natural white Bounty Beach in Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines.


Cebu Photo Story is intended for story writing competition about any beach experience on the island. You story could be a romantic, adventure, birthday party, event, personal reflection, or anything that relates to your experiences and part of your life story in Cebu.

This page will be opened anytime when there is a set period for this sort of writing competition. The submission of articles (and photos) is quite easy as it is described clearly in the submission form below.

If this event will be held, it will be publicly announced at our facebook page.


1. Article . This experiential story should be original. Written in English language and should be over 350  words. You can write your own personal preferences of writing method as long as you keep the basic grammars.

2. Photos/pictures. Your photos or pictures should be clear and nice to look at and presentable. At least we need 3 pictures to speak more about your experiences.

The last time we had this competition was in 2012. That was when this travel guides site was newly born. Two contributions are included below this page.

Good news! We are planning to have our second writing competition this year. An announcement will be posted as an event in our facebook page. So please visit our fb page regularly, or 'FOLLOW US' so that you will be updated about any important event we implement.

*If you are personally interested to share a story (and photos) to us, you are most welcome to do so! Just follow the instruction of the submission form right below the message.

Best Cebu Photo Story Ever!

Hello, Friends and Visitors!

We are very glad for your cebu-bluewaters visit.

This page is especially built for your nice memories stocked in image forms - in your minds, hearts, and USBs! However, your wonderful memories of Cebu will remain only yours if not shared to others who are interested to see or know them.

So, we are encouraging YOU to share your photos to us and let us express what we think or feel about your nice photos.

You will be surprised that many of your friends and family members will 'like' or even say surprising comments about your photos.

Now, submission of your great pictures is not difficult to do. Just follow the super simple instructions below, and soon you'll see them online... LIVE!

Send them NOW!

Let us see them...

So, what's the point of writing a Cebu photo story?

REWARD, of course! Your photos with some short stories will be judged according to the QUALITY OF PHOTOS/STORIES, RATES, and COMMENTS.

After an event, there will be other chances for you to contribute anything related to Cebu province. Future events will be uploaded in this site. We also invite you to continue contributing stories, blogs, comments, and suggestions...

We hope you'll visit us again or regularly. Please don't forget to tell your friends, colleagues, brother(s) & sister(s), acquaintances, social network friends, etc. about this event and this site.

Thank you for contributing and for your future contribution to Cebu Bluewaters. (:=

Good luck to you all!

Best wishes,


Have Great Photos of Cebu?

Do you have great pictures of Cebu? Please share them! If you have more than 4, you can submit again... You may include your story behind your photos!

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