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Promising Cebu Seaweed Industry

Cebu Seaweed Industry and Production

Seaweed production in the Philippines, especially in Cebu has a brighter outlook, based on the local news reports. This is another big opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in investing in this thriving business sector.

The sector searches and implements new strategies to advance new markets in Asia, South America and Africa.

The Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines (SIAP) has been very active in tapping new markets for quality seaweed-based products including sun-dried seaweed, carrageenan and agar.

Seaweeds are very healthy source of minerals and nutrients. Cebu Seaweed Industry

Cebu Seaweed Industry for global competitiveness

SIAP member officials encourage more farmers to venture into seaweed farming around the nation, especially to Cebuanos who have been dominating the processing and exporting of these products.

Being a country with thousands of islands and rich bio-diversity, the Philippine seas are and remain very favorable for seaweed farming and production.

In order to strengthen and sustain seaweed industry and this sector, SIAP collaborated with the government for marketing programs and also links local government units to incorporate seaweed farming as an economic driver in various provinces.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), there are opportunities for the seaweed sector to further advance for various reasons. For example, there is a growing domestic and international demand for seaweed products for various applications and the high demand for glacilaria and sargassum (, June 12, 2013).

This photo shows seaweed farmers. Cebu seaweed industry is a thriving business for both small and medium entrepreneurs.

Strategies, targets, and markets

The Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines decided to take on upgrading their strategies on cost reduction and operation, redistribution, quality and innovation. The group will further implement stronger standards of seaweed production.

In addition, they insisted on providing easy access to seaweed farmers of loans, encourage and invite more investors, and seek better markets.

China is basically the main buyer of raw seaweed products, which also competes with Indonesia in the carrageenan market.

Through the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), the Philippine government will further advance seaweed farming. In this situation, both the SIAP and BAFR plan to agree a price stabilization plan seeking for a set floor prices during high production seasons.

Greater Cebu seaweed industry business opportunities

Central Visayas, where Cebu Province is located, produce varieties of seaweed from which gelatinous substance is being used as ingredients in food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, ice cream, beer, milk, gelatin, among other usages.

Although the Visayan region produces seaweed products, most of its sources come from Mindanao which produces about 50 percent of the country’s seaweed output. The Province of Zamboanga, the major producer, delivers dried seaweeds to various places, including Cebu that dominates the processing and exporting of carrageenan.

Now, if you get interested in investing in Cebu Province, seaweed processing or its production could be one of your opportunities for starting a business.

If you can establish a processing company, it would be easy to export your products to major international markets including the United States, Europe and China.

Seaweed farmers can easily grow seaweeds without much effort compared with land farmers.

Advantages for Cebu seaweed industry

First of all, Cebu is the center of major economic development in the central Philippines. It is where products from other surrounding regions are being delivered to for processing and export.

Second, in relation to the first, has the most machinery and capabilities to process raw materials and deliver them to international markets. Cebu has both the advantages of seaports and an international airport.

Third, Cebu has basically stable political situation and generally safe and has sufficient supply of food and water resources.

Fourth, you won’t get worried starting a new business in Cebu since it has proven itself capable of supporting various international and domestic companies that thrive and continue to produce products and even expand.

And, among other valid reasons, you will enjoy the province’s great islands and their nice white beaches, great resorts, hotels, leisure facilities, historical sites, natural environment and its diverse marine biology.

Cebu seaweed industry supports the livelihood of sea farmers mostly in the central Philippines and its seaweed providers from Mindanao regions.

Relevant Links: - This is an international seaweed association that organizes various activities to help and promote the production of seaweed production internationally. This association also has national chapters including the Philippines. - You may use this link to find out how to get license when starting a business in Cebu Province. This is national department that is tasked to oversee and manage all business and trade related activities in the country. - This link offers a manual for running a farm for seaweeds. The instruction of the material is very straightforward and includes sketches for greater understanding.

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