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Cebu Shangrilas spa at Mactan Island nestles amidst a 13-hectare piece of land with lush tropical plants all around.

This particularly uses CHI massages and treatments to their clients as natural methods for healing some 'dis-eases'.

CHI massage and treatment is said to be known as a well-being traditional practice by many Asian cultures...

The Chi Spat at Shangrila Hotel & Resort, Mactan Island

(Photo Credit: shangri-la.com, Mactan, Cebu)

hotstone therapy

Smooth hot stones healing body chakras, chi's...

Offers & Amenities

CHI, The Spa offers various treatments including indigenous approaches embedded in the Philippine culture and natural tropical plants and other botanical products with healing properties.

By employing massage techniques and special body treatments, it is believed that your chi or 'qi' in Chinese character, a life force within all living creatures, will be properly aligned and blockages freed putting back again the natural flow of that energy or life force into its normal and natural flow within your body.

Facilities, Treatments & Benefits

CHI, The Spa provides and helps you release the blocked chi in your body through...

  • body massage
  • exercises
  • stretching
  • hydrotherapy
  • relaxation & meditation exercises

In order to fully benefit the healing effects, The Spa treatment method uses natural products from native plants, herbs, minerals, oils, among other elements with therapeutic properties.

Aroma Therapy - herbal candles, traditional plants, indigenous oil products

Contacts & Address

The Spa at Shangri-La's Mactan begins its service at 10am and finishes at 10pm. Here's the...

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