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Huge Cebu Shopping Centers

Cebu Shopping Centers

Cebu Shopping Centers deliver the best and numerous products that shoppers want to purchase in the metropolis.

Cebu, being the center and rapidly developing economic province in the southern Philippines, has been attracting visitors not just to do buy and sell commodities but also to shop.

They need not go to Manila to get the latest fashion of clothing or the newest released electronic gadgets since they can readily buy them here in Cebu.

So, locals, regulars and casual visitors from other provinces and regions, Cebu expatriates as well as foreign visitors and travelers to Cebu purchase all sorts of things at Cebu’s shopping centers, malls, outlets and even at the local wet markets.

What You Can Do

As you might already know, gigantic shopping centers can be compared to another dimension or another world. It is where you can do lots of things that you cannot do in one place anywhere.

In short, at Cebu Shopping Centers, you can do the following as you please…

You can buy anything, from food, cosmetics, jewelries, electronics, books, ship/airplane tickets, etc. You can even buy a house, car, resort and anything huge.

Eye-shop or window-shop
There are lots of nice things to see and enjoy with at shopping centers in Cebu. You don’t need to buy any but it could be part of your travel and sightseeing activity. If you are coming from another region or country, you will enjoy checking out native and local products, such as fashion articles, food products, and furniture, among others.

Eating and Dining
Certainly, this is one thing the best you can do in such places. You can eat popular and tasty local dishes from various cultural and regional backgrounds. Or, if you prefer, you can dine at fast food centers, international restaurant chains or international restaurants available inside shopping centers and department stores in Cebu.

Playing Games & Entertainments
If you are coming with your small kids, you can enjoy bring them there to have fun with some games and ride facilities at game arcades sections. All sorts of game and entertainment products are available for rent. If you need to use the internet, you can find them anywhere. Or, you can also watch movies at movie houses inside the establishments – such as SM.

Buy properties
Yes, that is right. You will find local companies, housing agencies, and other real estate agencies selling their brand new and enticing products. You will be approached by their smiling and friendly representatives and convince you to listen, check out and offer you their fantastic and modern home or other real estate products in Cebu area.

As an introduction to these Cebu shopping centers, let me mention two of them for those who have no clue yet about these shops.

For example, in Cebu City there is the popular and huge SM City Cebu (Shoe Mart). This is a big department store that display and sell products from food to home products. It has all sorts of games and entertainment facilities, including bump cars and cinemas.

The other popular place, among others, is the Ayala Center – another branch the Ayala franchise that is available in most cities especially in Manila. Almost similar in products with SM City, Ayala Center show cases outdoor facilities such as gardens, cafes and restaurants of various cultural backgrounds.

Okay, as a guide for your shopping spree let me introduce you to the shops located in Cebu City. The list included here only mentions names and areas. You can find more details if they are linked to another page when available.

In addition, the shops included in this page are not the only ones in Cebu City but also those established in the nearby cities, such as Mandaue City, Lapu Lapu City (Mactan Island), Talisay City and Consolacion.

Cebu City Shopping Centers

APM Mall – North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Ayala Center Cebu – Cebu Business Park
Banilad Town Centre – Banilad, Cebu City
Best Buy – Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City
Colonnade Mall – Colon Street, Cebu City
EMall – P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City
Fooda Savers Mart, Mango Avenue, Cebu City
Gaisano Capital – Colon Street, Cebu City
Gaisano Country Mall – Banilad, Cebu City
Gaisano Grand Mall – Talamban, Cebu City
Gaisano Main, Colon Street, Cebu City
Happy Mart, Colon Street, Cebu City
JY Square, Lahug, Cebu City
La Nueva Supermart, near Cebu City Hall
Metro Gaisano, Colon Street, Cebu City
NUVO, Osmena Boulevard, Colon Street, Cebu City
Prince Warehouse Club (near Cebu City Hall), Cebu City
Robinsons Place, Fuente Osmena, Cebu City
SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Unitop, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City
138 Mall, Colon Street, Cebu City

Close or just adjacent to Cebu City is another industrial center city called Mandaue City. It is where you can find manufacturers of products for exports. It is also where you can find the Philippines’ world famous San Miguel Beer.

In this city, you can easily find and shop at its department stores and mid and small size shopping centers.

So, here are your choices of shopping centers in Mandaue City shopping centers

Colonnade – Centro, Mandaue City
Gaisano Grand Mall – Centro, Mandaue City
Insular Square Mall – Basak, Mandaue City
J Centre Mall – A.S. Fotuna Street, Mandaue City
Happy Mart – Highway, Mandaue City
Park Mall – New Mandaue City, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
Prince Warehouse Club – A.C. Cortes Ave, Mandaue City
Save More Supermarket – Canduman, Mandaue City
Save More Supermarket – Maguikay, Mandaue City
S&R Cebu – Subangdaku, Mandaue City
SM Hypermarket – North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
Super Metro Mandaue/Pacific Grand Mall – Ibabao, Mandaue City

If you are having leisure time on Mactan Island or doing important business in any of its great convention places or business centers (such a MEPZ), you can visit shop easily. There are three big stores where you can purchase almost anything you need or anything you want to bring home with you as souvenirs from this island.

Aside from the following big shops, you can also ready find smaller shops and stores dotting many corners of the island.

Lapu Lapu City Shopping Centers

Gaisano Mactan – Mactan, Lapulapu City
Marina Mall – Mactan, Lapaulapu City
Islands Souvenirs Pasalubong Center, Mactan, Lapulapu City

Just outside Cebu City, there are two other places where you can shop. Most of such shopping centers are branches of the franchise that can be located in many parts of the country. It means that you can avail almost the same products you might want to get.

Here are the two places and their respective shops:

Talisay City

Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Tabunok, Talisay City
Fooda Savers Mart


Fooda Savers Mart, Poblacion, Consolacion
SM Consolacion

Thanks for visiting this page or website. We hope this Cebu Shopping Centers page has helped you find what you need. Please let us know should you need relevant information or if you want to kindly offer suggestions to improve and make this site more relevant to its users and visitors.

Have a great shopping day then!

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