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What's a WICKER?

A wicker is not the furniture itself but the process of weaving. But most people often understood it as the product itself...


Wicker furniture has evolved from the indigenous people's use of flexible plants, usually elongated (like rattan, bamboo, reed, palm leaves, etc.), to create containers - such as baskets - for food; for gathering, storing, and even transporting goods.

Some say that wicker furniture became popular in Egypt and passed to Rome and throughout Europe through international traders.

At the turn of the twentieth century, it has become more influenced by the development of arts and craftsmanship. Being keen in arts yourself you can own one...

Cebu's Wicker Furniture Today

Wicker then has become more of a high-end or luxurious artifact than a tool for collecting things or a container.

You can find wicker products everywhere in various forms of arts and usages. Wicker is now a household name for a beautiful and luxurious chair, couch, bed, dining table, lamps, decors, among many.

This picture is only a sample of a beautiful wicker furniture. It does not represent any manufacturer in Cebu...

BUT, you may ask and order any manufacturer for a customize produce to suit your dream furniture... Yes, that really possible! Many have done it.


Living Room Wicker

I think, if you agree, that most wicker furnitures can be located in the living room. It's because people spend more time in that space and that they need a more comfortable and relaxing tool to sit or lie on.

Ok, in Cebu, there are many manufacturers and in fact most of them create the product.


Living room wicker designs are amazing. You can see shapes which are, honestly, hard to describe but they have their own unique names or description... such as terra, fusion, sandwich, galaxy, odyssey, daytona, you name it...

The picture below is a sample of how a living room wicker furniture looks like (NOTE: This product does not represent any of Cebu's wicker furniture manufacturer).

Cebu Wicker Furniture: Dining Room Wicker

I remember that rattan chairs are much better for table use since it doesn't scratch the floor nor make horrible noise when pulled away from the table.

Most of all, it's a lot more comfortable because it is flexible, that is, if made totally from rattan or other organic materials...


Some interesting designs of dining room wicker chairs are worth sharing here. You can find designs that project peoples' names and their personalities, such as Monroe, Audrey, Augustine, Kintaro, Yogi.

Others project scientific terms, time, or space including: proton, infinity, cityscape, siesta, satellite...

Cebu Wicker Furniture: Bed Room

Compared to the living room and kitchen wicker products, bed room wicker is not quite common.

Most often, bed room wicker employ wicker as designs on the headboard of your bed.

The design could be like a glowing moon, a wave or anything that fits the sleeping environment...


Yes, lamps look nice with some wicker designs that could lessen the intense emitting light from the bulb.

It has various mind-blowing designs and themes... Such as lamps mimicking the shape of animals (gazelle, swan, condor, etc.), a lady, a social concept, and something related to stars, moon, space...

Cebu Artworks & Decors

Aside from the famous Cebu furniture other variety of wickers are also being created - such as artworks and decors - made from other materials.

Most of artworks and decors are not wicker products themselves. They could be made of wood, metal, and other synthetic materials.

However, you can also find wicker decors, especially some wall decorative arts.


Accessories are also fun and interesting pieces. The accessories include: space divider, table decor, pedestals, and others.


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