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Chili Bar in Panagsama

Chili Bar on Panagsama Beach is one of the most visited and popular hangouts among the bars in the area.

It is popular not only for its cold beers and other drinks but because of its tasty pizzas and other dishes. Some say that Chili Bar’s pizza is “world class” and there is no arguing about it.

What Else is Great About Chili Bar!

The bar is built and elevated high above the sea level and it seems like overhanging especially during high tide. The space is extended or expanded to provide more space inside where they put chairs and tables right beside the railings.

It means that you can directly see the seawater when you look down if you are sitting right by the railings that protect you from falling into the sea. Some people do kayaking around the area, while other do snorkeling.

It offers great sea views and amazing sunset while you’re enjoying the pizza and beer and while listening to the wide array of music.

It is an international bar and a decent one.

Chili Bar

Tasty Food & Dishes

Pizzas, Spaghetti, Pastas, Etc.
You will have lots of choices of pizzas. You can have a hot and spicy chilli pizza if you want to. They are huge and make sure you have somebody with you to share with the pizza, or else…

Aside from pizzas, of course you have other choices of food available. You can have spaghetti, pastas, sea food, rice menus, sausages, meatballs, breads and everything local and international side dishes. The price is OK!

Service by the staff is also great!

Pool Table
If you want to move a little bit after your huge pizza or any, you can play pool table (or billiards or pocket balls as Filipinos call it!). The bar usually have their pool tournament every Wednesday (please update if this is still on!).

Also located in Panagsama are other restos such as Roxy, Seven Sins and Loyd’s Bar bars. Certainly, there are more you can find around the area.

Chili Bar sits in Panagsama, MoalboalComfortable rattan sits
Billiards Pool Tables at Chili Bar in MoalboalBilliard Tables

Holding Any Event at Chili Bar

An Event

Chili Bar is not just a bar where guest drink and enjoy everything there is to offer. It also sometimes hold events or celebrations of various kinds.

One particular event was held last December 2, 2014. Probably there were other interesting events too before this one. The event was something fun but serious – A presentation about sharks protection.

An international organization called “Shark Guardian” organized a presentation event right inside the bar. It was joined by some 50 certified divers and dive professionals, including some non-divers as well.

Shark Guardian photo at Chili bar during their presentationA presentation at Chili Bar (photo by: Shark Guardian)

The objectives of Shark Guardian is to raise their profile in the Philippines and certainly to raise awareness to people that protection of some endangered sea animals, including sharks, is a noble cause. They said it is their first presentation in the Philippines – right here in Panagsama, Moalboal, Cebu.

For a bit of background, Shark Guardian is a registered non-profit Charity organization for sharks and marine conservation. Their main mission is to education, do research and make people aware about sharks and everything about the marine world.

Just like what they did at Chili, Shark Guardian members organize and conduct presentations, seminars, workshops, and also initiate research projects, among other worthwhile activities to promote conservation of marine life.

If interested, here is their link:

Now, going back to the Bar…

Although we describe this bar only very briefly, I think it is more than enough to describe the place and things that are going on there.

Just go, enjoy and see what events will unfold if you are in the area.

Thanks for reading to the end. Hope you’ll discover more interesting and helpful information from this site that specializes on Cebu.

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