Cleverlearn Residences

Cleverlearn Residences

Cleverlearn Residences, Mactan IslandPhoto of Cleverlearn Residences, Mactan Island

Cleverlearn Residences

Cleverlearn Residences is a great establishment located on the beautiful Mactan Island. The hotel is perfect for solo travelers, couples, group of friends and even ideal for families to be.

Being in this residence and on the island at the same time, you’ll get lots of advantages. You have most of the available and accessible sea and beach activities, historical places to see, shopping areas and other interesting things to do.

Cleverlearn Hotel is ideally located in the central part of the island that you can reach most sites and places in less than 20 minutes, at least.

For example, you can reach the Cebu-Mactan International Airport (also a domestic airport) in around 15 minutes, around 15 minutes to reach the Mactan Shrine and other places.

Of course, more importantly, you’ll get the best hospitality treatment when you stay at this residence hotel.

Facilities and Services

Swimming pool facing the sea of Mactan

This residence facility offers nice and comfortable 82 guestrooms within a three-storey building. You can be assured that each room is comfortable enough for sleeping and relaxation.

The rooms have air-conditioned facilities, WiFi connection access for free, telephones available for local use and more importantly bathrooms with hot and cold showers.

More Amenities

Swimming pool is available and it is included in your rent of your room. Pools are not quite common in this tropical country, so, if one hotel or resort has one it means that they are really serious in providing much better service to their valued guests or customers.

Larry’s Place Resto Bar is also being offered for your easy and comfortable access when you feel hungry or thirsty. While relaxing at this hotel, you can also have fun playing billiards and other indoor game facilities inside the facility.

Other amenities at Cleverlearn include the 24-hour CCTV security, Front Desk service availability and laundry/dry cleaning services.

I’m sure there are more to what has been mentioned and certainly they will be happy to provide you answers and facilities when requested and when or if possible.


Well, possibly, services of this residence hotel are very relevant for your information search. So, let me mention them in some details below.

Airport Transfer Service is available but it is not Free. You will be charged around USD14 (as of this writing 2014 December). The airport is just about 5 kilometers from Cleverlearn Residences.

Parking Area is readily available. This is a great news for those who are renting cars (or bikes), especially local guests who are traveling around the province.

Public transports are very much accessible in this area. You can get taxis, jeepneys, motorcabs (motorbikes with sidecars) that can bring you most of the places you wish to visit on the island or nearby places, such as Cebu City and Mandaue City.

For directions of places to visit, please ask the Front Desk for detailed descriptions and guide regarding transports and some safety tips when travelling. Mactan and Cebu is quite safe but there are unscrupulous individuals who are taking advantage of innocent travelers!

Fun & Interesting Things To Do

Lapu Lapu StatueStatue of Lapu Lapu, Mactan Island

Yes, you read that sub-title right! There are so much things you can do and enjoy with on Mactan Island that you don’t have time to explore or see most of them. So, it would be a great idea if we just offer you some suggestions of places you can visit or things you can do for your limited and precious time.

Lapu Lapu Statue (Mactan Shrine)

Who is Lapu Lapu? He is considered the protector and hero of Mactan Island against foreign aggressors in the 16th century (if you know this historical fact you can skip this part ^^).

Lapu Lapu and his local warriors were successful in defeating the well-equipped and full-metal armored Spanish soldiers and Ferdinand Magellan. Mactan Island is the historic place where they fought and it is on this very site where the “Battle of Mactan” blood was spelled.

That’s the shortest version of this shrine’s history. In addition, you can also find a smaller arch erected to honor Ferdinand Magellan’s historical contribution not only in Mactan or Cebu Province but also for bringing Christianity to the Philippine Islands.

Of course, some historical descriptions scripted in plaques in an area of the shrine can be read, which are located in a small building within the shrine. A painting of the battle and other historical descriptions under the roof of the building is open to all visitors for free. Note that there is a very minimal entrance when entering to Mactan Shrine.

The shrine is quite, has chairs and benches, facing the sea and it’s great for strolling and quiet conversation. Inside Mactan Shrine, you will find small stores that sell local products including T-shirts, ukuleles, guitars, personal effects, souvenirs, among other small things you can bring back home.

Entertainment & Cultural Centers

There are lots of places where you, your friends and family can spend time with fun and get entertained.

For example, there is this The Jungle Cultural Entertainment Center which is just about 10 minutes from the residence. This is great for the whole family with younger children. Of course, not only for children since most of such places offer facilities for adults as well for enjoyment.

And, you can also observe colorful fishes and other marine life at Mactan Island Aquarium. That is if you don’t have any experience of actually going under the sea to watch them in their real environment. Certainly, an aquarium is great for smaller children to appreciate and study marine life in a safe environment.

At Mactan Island Aquarium, you can see many of the Philippine’s aquatic life including  sea turtles, reef sharks, water snakes, octopus, sea horses, jellyfishes, sea slugs, corals, among the thousands of living creatures of the sea world.

Again, you can inquire from Cleverlearn’s Front Desk staff regarding other nice places of entertainments and cultural centers either on Mactan Island or Cebu City.

Local Products & Shopping Places

Mactan Marina Mall and other department stores and shops are available and close enough to your hotel. It only takes about ten minutes, more or less to enjoy shopping, eating in restaurants, drink coffee or anything you want to see and buy in such places.

Furniture products are quite famous and popular not only in the country but also around the world. Most of Cebu’s furniture are being exported abroad and some of those who bought include Nelson Mandela, famous Hollywood stars and world sports stars.

Musical instruments, such as guitars and other stringed instruments are also locally products, especially on Mactan island. They sell domestically as well as export them internationally. One of the famous producers in Cebu (Mactan Island) is the company called Alegre Guitars Factory.

White Beach & Sea Adventures

Yes, this is one of my favorite places and topics. I believe you do too! Mactan Island is one of the most popular places in the province if you want to enjoy the beach, the sea and sea life.

First, the resorts of Mactan Island offers great places, as starters, to enjoy the island and its beaches. The resorts usually offer beach front cottages or rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, game facilities, business facilities and almost everything you need for vacation/leisure or business on the island.

Second, Mactan Island, especially Marigondon, Maribago and other places on the island are dotted with island tours establishments and diving shops offering various interesting water activities and adventures.

You can arrange a day’s activity with them directly or request your hotel to do it for your. Most of the hotels are working with such shops making it easier for their guests to avail interesting island hopping activities, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other fun sea adventures.

Well, certainly there are lots and loads of things you can do and see while on Mactan Island and residing at Cleverlearn Residences.

Hope you’ll enjoy your visit there!

Finding Cleverlearn Residences

Now, if you find Mactan Island the right place for your leisure or business activity and Cleverlearn Residences your choice of place to stay in, you may use the following address and contact details for any inquiry.

Address: Saac II, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +63 32 495 9955

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Thanks for visiting and reading to the end this page. Let us know should you need further information or suggestions for this page or the website in general.

Have a wonderful day and safe travels!

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