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Coras Palm Court in Moalboal

Coras Palm CourtyardRooms at Coras Palm Courtyard

Coras Palm Court is a budget accommodation by the beach of Moalboal, Cebu Province.
It has a very limited number of rooms but an unlimited hospitality and service by the operator of this beach establishment.

It has a wide and open view of Moalboal’s blue seas. From this resort, you can explore all the great places in the town, aside from making it as your base to discover the white beaches, islands and the colorful and vibrant marine world.

Of course, it is advantageously established close to Panagsama Beach where lots of restaurants, bars and vacation facilities are located.

Coras Palm Court is claimed to be one of the oldest beach resorts in Panagsama area. Although lots of other resorts and establishments have grown around it, Coras remains a simple and budget accommodation with great and homely service.

Fun Activities and Services

Being an accommodation by the beach, Coras Court offers fantastic advantages for backpackers, travelers and holiday-makers. That’s because it is located right at the heart of Moalboal where various facilities, shops, activity and adventure operators do their business.

In Moalboal, you have two fundamental choices: sea water activities and dry-land (and semi-dry land) adventures.

For sea water activities, here are the interesting and fun things you can do…

Island Hopping
This is the kind of activity that is quite easy but very rewarding – relaxing and entertaining. When doing island hopping, a group of guests takes an outrigger boat and explore the seas.

You usually visit islands’ beaches, enjoy swimming, snorkeling, eating (and drinking), sunbathing, playing or just sit on the sand and chatter away!

You can also eat at restaurants beside the beach, or visit some marine sanctuaries nearby or in the neighboring areas.

Through Coras Palm Court, you can arrange tours in some popular, local markets, historical sites and century old structures, such as churches built during the Spanish occupation in the 16th century.

For the dry and semi-land adventures, you can do…

  • River Climbing
  • Spelunking
  • Caving
  • Mountain climbing
  • Hiking
  • Motorbiking
  • Bicycling, etc.

Through Coras, you can request for any of those adventure and adrenaline pumping activities, if you are that fit (well, you can start doing some of them and build your muscles and skills!).

There are some providers of such activities (such as the Adventure…). They have experience and skilled guides for your river climbing or caving activities. Since they have been doing such service for thousands of visitors already, you don’t need to worry about safety – they certainly provide the necessary gears to protect yourself from any accident or danger.

Now, let us also check out some very basic services and facilities that Coras offer to all its guests. The establishment has special room service offers, laundry and pressing service, backup generator, a security guard and, of course, a Front Desk that is available for your requests and arrangements.

And, it has a free Wifi service as well!

Cora's Palm Court, MoalboalCora's Palm entrance gate

Coras Budget Accommodation / Room Types

Right here, you will find the budget and quite affordable rooms for your choice.

  • Seaside Fan Room
  • Back Fan Rooms
  • Family Room. This is good for four guests. It is equipped with a cable TV, an air-con, refrigerator, hot shower, and other simple amenities.
  • Simple Aircon Room
  • Seaside Aircon Room. This room has a TV, refrigerator, hot shower facility and a private balcony to enjoy sea view.

The rate starts from Php400 to over a thousand pesos depending on your arrangement, room type and season.

You may also use its kitchen if you wish to cook your own food to save better. This is especially advantages if you stay longer. In fact, you can have great discounts if you arrange for a long-stay basis.

Finding Coras Palm Court

Please use the following contact details for your inquiry, if any.

Address:                  Basdiot, Panagsama Beach, Moalboal Town, Cebu, Philippines
Landline Number: 0063-32-474-3220
Mobile Number:   +63-919-5946-227
Local Call
Landline Number: (032)474-3220
Cellphone:              +63-919-5946-227
Email Address:

Thanks for visiting this page and hopefully it offers you some ideas about Panagsama Beach or Moalboal’s accommodation places available.

If you need a guide in finding Moalboal Town, you may use our page that describes transports (buses) that ply the route. Click Getting to Moalboal that will open you  to a page with information you will need.

Certainly, there are lots of budget accommodation available in the area just as there are also loads of medium and upscale resorts that provide various and numerous facilities, activities and services for your perfect vacation.

If you are interested or searching for more choices of accommodation in Panagsama, Moalboal you can search Agoda Company for every available places you can find with easy and quick results.

Have a great warm day!

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