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Mesmerizing CouCou Bar Hotel & Restaurant

Blogger | Karrie Gene Ardon
Posted by: Cebu Bluewaters
24 January 2015

Cou Cou bar & Hotel RestaurantCou Cou Bar Hotel & Restaurant (photo: Karrie)

The first time I decided to have my island experience in one of the beautiful beaches in Cebu, which is on Bantayan Island, I experienced their different authentic restaurants too. It was back in August 2013 when my boyfriend and I decided to spend some quality time together in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

As we arrived in our destination, we were not aware where to go; we'll just go where the locals will lead us. I didn’t know then about CouCou Bar Hotel & Restaurant at that time.

It was already lunch time when we arrived in our accommodation so we ordered lunch right away and go for a quick swim after. We took a nap after that because later on that night we planned to stroll around the peaceful place of Santa Fe for there are motorcycles for rent at a very cheaper rate for 24 hour usage, how great is that?

CouCou Bar Hotel & Restaurant

CouCou Bar Hotel & RestaurantDelicious dish at CouCou

As we passed by that decently designed resto bar called CouCou Bar Hotel & Restaurant, we parked right away having no second thoughts as to whether is it a good place to eat or was it expensive.

Since it was still around five o’clock, there were only few customers, which is good so that our orders won’t take that long.

We went inside and checked the place because if it was just plain and ordinary, we wouldn’t be eating there anyway.

I guess we were driven by the lights and ambiance of CouCou Bar & Restaurant.

As we took our order, we’ve noticed that the price is right. I can’t even remember what are those foods we ordered. While waiting for our food to be served, we noticed that CouCou Bar also caters lodging rooms just inside their place.

Facilities & Services at CouCou

CouCou Bar Hotel & Restaurant's foodMore food at CouCou Bar

There was also a billiard pool where you can play around while waiting for your order but sadly I don’t know how to.

They also have a cute and inviting mini bar!

So it was a complete package whenever you want to dine first and have some few drinks after.

When our orders arrived, we have no time to take pictures of it and post it on facebook since we were starving for good food.

And another issue was that CouCou Bar’s wifi connection doesn’t have that strong signal. Surely, they'll improve it for their valued guests.

Our food smells so good as well as its food presentation is divine. Their waitresses were friendly and attentive too.

So the next time I will visit Bantayan Island again, I will definitely go back here in CouCou Bar.

To be continued...

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