Dumanjug Municipality

dumanjug municipality

Dumanjug Municipality is a town in Cebu Province located 73 kilometers south of Cebu City, the capital of the province. Dumanjug was first established in 1855 during the Spanish occupation period.

It is located between Barili Municipality in the North and Ronda Municipality in the Southern part. Sibonga and Argao Municipalities border Dumanjug in the Eastern side while Tanon borders on the Western side.

The Municipality is categorized as a third municipal income class with a population of over 50 thousand residents and over 30 thousand registered voters according to the 2016 electoral roll (Wikipedia).

Dumanjug Municipality has a land area of over eight thousand hectares based on the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ cadastral survey map.

the vibrant barangays

The Municipality of Dumanjug has 37 barangays under its jurisdiction. It is one of the municipalities with the highest number of barangays in the province.

Here are the political units:

Balaygtiki, Bitoon, Bulak, Bullogan, Calaboon, Camboang, Candabong, Cogon, Cotcoton, Doldol, Ilaya (poblacion), Kabalaasnan, Kabatbatan, Kambanog, Kang-actol, Kanghalo, Kanghumaod, Kanguha, Kantangkas, Kanyuko, Kolabtingon, Lamak, Lawaan, Liong, Manlapay, Masa, Matalao, Paculob, Panlaan, Pawa, Poblacion Central, Poblacion Looc, Poblacion Sima, Tangil, Tapon, Tubod-Bitoon, and Tubod-Dugoan.

The population of Dumanjug is increasing due to the high birth rate and declining mortality rate.

A huge number of population is located in the barangays close to the coastal areas on the Western side of the municipality, such as those in the Poblacion, Simal, Ilaya, and Looc barangays that can be which also comprised the urban areas.

Regarding increasing of population, the barangays of Bitoon, Tangil, Tapon, Balaygtiki, Cogon and Liong play second.

Regarding rapidly becoming commercial centers, the barangays of Bitoon, Paculob, Cogon and Liong also play that leading role. These barangays are seen to be establishing more dormitory communities.

the dumanjuganons

Just like in most of Cebu’s municipalities, Dumanjuganons speak Cebuano or Bisaya, which is also widely spoken in most parts of Mindanao provinces. Each can speak one or two more second languages - Tagalog and English.

Dumanjug people are mostly believers of the Catholic religion. Moreover, they are proud to have three parishes and have the biggest church building in the whole Cebu Province.

The three parishes are St Francis of Assisi Church in the Poblacion, St Vincent Ferrer Church in Barangay Bitoon, and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Barangay Bulak.

business & trade establishments

The current and existing industries in Dumanjug are mostly of micro-scale establishments. They are mainly established in the town area and Barangay Bitoon.

Such establishments include stores or shops that sell clothes, miscellaneous products (sari-sari stores), bread and pastries, medicines, repair shops, furniture, handicrafts, and others.

You can also find rice and corn mills that are operating in the municipality.

Natural Reserves
Dumanjug Municipality is blessed by a large quantity and high-quality dolomite and large phosphate reserves. These two minerals are mostly found in Kanghumaod, Balaygtiki, Bullogan, Kabalaasnan, Matalao, and Kabatbatan barangays.

transportation service

You can come and go, or just pass through, Dumanjug with some bus choices. Below are the bus companies you can take from Cebu City or from any point in the Province where they travel.

Acop, Britt, Caiban Mini-Bus, Ceres Bus Line, Chan Transit, Librando Trans, Rough Riders, SM Trans

Aside from buses, you can also hop on any Van from various departure areas in the Province or Cebu City.

If you want to cross to another provincial island, such as Mideastern Negros Island or southern Cebu, you can take a boat locally called a RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) type.

The port is located in Barangay Tangil. Two shipping lines are operating in that port.

educational institutions

Dumanjug Municipality has a number of elementary schools and some secondary schools and a couple of tertiary education institutions.

Among the town’s popular schools is the Little Flower School which was established in 1946. It serves as a Dumanjug branch of Colegio de San Carlos (well-known as University of San Carlos).

Little Flower School was later on called the Dumanjug Catholic High School.

Bitoon National Vocational School in northern Barangay Bitoon and the satellite campus of Cebu Technological University, also in Bitoon, are the largest schools in Dumanjug Municipality.

dumanjug municipality travel destinations

You can find and explore sites and exciting places in Dumanjug. For example, historical sites and structures are the places you can try including old churches built during the Spanish period.

St. Francis of Assisi Church
It is located in the town (Poblacion) as the center of commerce and worship. The Church was completed in 1864, as engraved on the wall of the entrance. The Church which took ten years to finish is constructed with coral stones, limestones, and Balayong (endemic black wood).

St Francis of Assisi Church is one of the biggest churches in the Province and thought to be one of the few churches built during that period which was designed, built, supervised and completed by Filipino alone.

  • Anne’s Cafe and Bistro
  • Bisnok Festival
  • Camoang Marin Sanctuary
  • Cantarini Art Gallery
  • Casa Melgar
  • Dona Josefa Paras Garcia Heritage Park
  • Falls of Lelo-an and rock formations
  • Julian Macoy photo gallery
  • Kota Kanwa   
  • Monkey Watching at Brangay Kabala-asnan - natural habitat
  • St Francis de Assisi Parish Church
  • The Seaplane
  • Tubod-Bitoon Farm and Camboang Spring

If you have additional attractions located in Dumanjug Municipality that are not mentioned above, please send us a message so that we can include it for promotion.

Hope this helps and have a nice day!

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