Durano Eco Farm Resort

Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort, Carmen

durano-eco-farm-spring-resortDurano Ecofarm & Spring Resort, Carmen, Cebu

Cool Durano Eco Farm Resort & Spring Pools, Cebu

Durano Eco Farm Resort is the best for guests who prefer natural water flowing down from fresh springs, especially during the hottest season (March to May in the Philippines).

Yes, this is the place you should rather be if you want a ‘no chlorine’ water.

There are pools with various depths each, that is, there are pools both for adults and children.

As you know, free flowing spring water is very clear, clean and cool enough to refresh you especially when you visit or live in a tropical country. This is just one of the places in Cebu that provide such cool service.

This farm and resort is located in the sort of rainforest in Carmen (Corte Barangay), Cebu Province, Philippines.

Briefly, the farm features, various species of plants especially fruit trees and ornamental and flowering plants.

Okay, let’s get a bit more into details here…

durano-eco-farm-spring-resortCool bamboo cottage at Durano Eco Farm Resort (source: fb)

Basic facilities & natural environment

Where the fresh spring water pools are being built, you can enjoy the view of the creek nearby. By the creek sides you’ll discover trees and other wild plants surviving as they used to since the foundation of the natural world.

If you are a naturalist, I mean one who loves nature and cares for them, you would certainly enjoy being in this place observing tropical trees, wild flowers, birds, insects and all. (By the way, expect that you’ll get some mosquito bites since this is a tropical area.)

So, as much as they can, the management of Durano Eco Farm Resort tries to keep nature intact and without much intervention to the natural environment. (However, as part of their endeavor, plants of various species are being planted in this farm…)

For instance, you would notice that the pools are neither that very artistic nor intricate. You wouldn’t see many tiles and all those fancy decors. In fact, the walls of the pools are quite rough (so be very careful, unless you want a scrubbing on your back!), which are basically made of bare stones, sand, and cement (or plaster).

Anyway, see it for yourself.

Plants & Activities at Durano Ecofarm Resort

Being an eco-farm in progress, Durano Eco Farm Resort offers various natural environment and ecology being preserved and planted with diverse collections of plants and trees.

There are about 400 plants and trees that have been identified and all of which have scientific names.

To name but a few (by their common names, of course!), the farm has mango trees, red dragon plant, coconut trees, ferns (such as Bird’s Nest Fern), palms, giant yams, flowering and more ornamental plants.

The responsible pollinators of these fruit trees are the bats who made a home just nearby the farm. They are residing in a cave located at a cliff facing the farm itself. What a convenient place for them!

Aside from the plants, you can also find an apiary and a quail farm.

Nature Walk or Trek
The management of Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort offers a nice nature walk showing you the resources inside the farm, if you love the idea. Just contact them in advance so that they can arrange a guide for your.

Durano Ecofarm & Spring Resort in Carmen, CebuCourtesy: Durano Eco Farm

Of course, there are shades, cottages, benches and other resting places inside this farm. I think it’s more of a big garden than a farm. You can check it out at their facebook page which I provided below this page, and please, let us know what you think.

Having described all that, I think the management of Durano Eco Farm Resort is trying to create a sort of paradise in this part of the province. Although, the creation of this paradise is just commencing, I guess, it is on its third day or something!

Being a natural and environmentally conscious resort, Durano Eco Farm is enveloped with plants that give healthy and joyful presence to the visitors.

Here are the basic facilities and services you can avail when visiting this natural resort and farm…

Eco-facilities & Accommodations

I’m sure you’re wondering how much you should spend when you decide to come and enjoy.

Don’t worry about that because the rate of facilities and services are very minimal and affordable… fantastic!

The regular ENTRANCE FEE is 60 pesos (about 1.5 US dollars as of this writing) per guests.

Cool Spring Pools
Durano Spring Resort has five (5) pools that are built one after the other. It means that the spring water flows from the topmost pool and down to the last one.

The water keeps of flowing, so there’s no need to worry about soaking in stagnant or dirty water.

The five pools have various depths each.

Durano ecofarm treehouseFun Durano Ecofarm's Treehouse

Of course, the deeper ones are for adults (and good swimmers) while the shallower pools are for children (kiddie pools) who loves to play all day in water (like me when I was little and got reprimanded many times over^^).

Tables & Chairs
Tables only for your food and other provisions are available for rent (from 200 pesos up) with rates depending on the size. Of course, simple chairs go with tables.

Cottages are available if you prefer to have a little bit of privacy with your family or friends (but not so private because it’s actually open - no walls, only wooden or bamboo railings (or fences) surrounding the hut cottage).

Tree House (Cottage)
You’ll notice also that there are tree houses available. It would be interesting but probably not advisable if you have smaller kids or for people with height phobia. The rate of these cottages is basic and affordable (from 300 to 500 pesos up).

I heard that some cottages are available for overnight’s stay, probably the tree houses are.
Okay, let’s check out how to get to Durano’s Spring Resort.

Reaching Durano Eco Farm  Resort

It is not difficult to find and get to Durano Eco Farm Resort. Just take a bus from North Bus Terminal bound for Carmen. Don’t miss to get off at Carmen’s Public Market, where you can see from the right window of your bus.

From Carmen Public Market, you can take a tricycle (improvised bicycle with a lightweight side car). The fare is minimal (about 30 pesos or less than a US dollar).

Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort (Photo: fb_duranoecofarm)

If you prefer, you can tell the operator to pick you up at a certain time. Of course, this is a no problem if you got your own ride. If you are driving (or somebody is driving for you), here’s the guide…

From Carmen Market go straight ahead until you reach Carmen National High School, then drive left for about 4 kilometers or so until you see a big mango tree at which “This way to Durano Eco Farm Resort” billboard is being posted.

That’s all for now. Update for this page will be posted as the farm and resort is developing.

Contacting Durano Ecofarm & Details

If you wish to get directly a more detailed information regarding Durano Ecofarm's facilities and services, you may use the following information.

Address: Barangay Corte, Carmen, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +63 939 473 6658

Reservation: 091 5560 0572
Email:     paul_durano@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Durano-Eco-Farm/

Please, in order to provide relevant and useful information to other interested visitors, let us know any updated information or any changes at this resort. You may do this by sending us email or by commenting below, or by visiting Cebu-bluewaters' facebook. Great thanks if you do!

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Have a wonderful holiday and visit.

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