Durhan White Beach Resort

Photo: Durhan White Beach Resort. Beaches in Cebu are one of the best beaches in the country boasting their pristine environment, clear waters, and sunshine.

Durhan White Beach Resort in Tabuelan, Cebu, Philippines


Durhan Beach Resort is considered as a “little paradise” located some 90 kilometers in the North-western side of Cebu Province.

It has its famous long shoreline and well-maintained beachfront.

Various groups of people come to enjoy the place, including families, couples, professionals, officemates, company workers, friends, etc.

Among other facilities, beachfront rooms at Durhan Resort give you fantastic view of the open sea with Negros Provincial Island visible in a distance.

Durhan White Beach resort is just one of the (close to) 3 thousand white beach resorts in the province.


Just like most beach resorts with great facilities and services, Durhan offers various interesting water activities and other adventures you can do.

Snorkeling (bring your own or rent gears)
Island Visiting (renting an outrigger boat)


These transports can be rented anywhere in town.

Lola Perta’s Park
You can always have time for quiet, tranquility, and relaxation anywhere in this area. For example, at Lola Perta’s Park you can find a seat to relax while observing the calm sea close by.


Among the facilities and services available, we can only mention a few here and discover the rest when you actually see the place so as to prevent you from getting disappointed with words…

Wine & Dine
Wine & Dine at Durhan’s White Beach resort is its restaurant available and ready to serve all guests and visitors. It is situated in a place that overlooks the open blue sea of this north-western part of this provincial island.

Wine & Dine Restaurant offers myriad of choices of food and delicacies. It serves a mixture of Asian, Filipino, Southern, European, and other menus from various influences.

Catering Service
If you are planning to have a party or any important event in this place, you don’t have to worry of providing food because Durhan Resort offers catering services at a very affordable price to the satisfaction of your guests. Such as, wedding by the beach would be fantastic!

Reception Office
Durhan’s Office/reception is a traditional cogon grass hut with bamboo walls. It has a nice view of North-Western Cebu’s perfect sunset.

Is this important mentioning in this page? I think so, that’s because it is where you need to arrange everything or make you case to make your vacation perfect. Everything starts and ends in this office – that’s how important it is to mention!

FREE WiFi is available, wow!

Cable TVs and air-con rooms are also, of course, available too!

Mushroom Cottages
These cottages are perfect for enjoying your time chatting (or singing) while having your meals, snacks, drinks, or anything you can enjoy with under this facility.

These mushroom-shaped cottages have perfect sights of the ocean and give you the freshest and refreshing sea breeze that you need for recovering your stress-worn mind & for a much better health.

Sta Cruz Chapel
If you are that spiritual person (most Filipinos are in this part of the world), you have this holy place and space to commune with God and nature.

For Catholic believers, the community celebrates its Patron Fiesta every 3rd of May annually, in case you’re interested to partake in this event.

This chapel is given as a family heritage for the settlers of Tabunok, Tabuelan by Antonio Duran in the 1920s.

(If you are interested, you can also request for a Mass to be celebrated in this holy place.)


At Durhan White Beach Resort, you can have choices of rooms for your satisfying rest while enjoying your break.

Among the tropical accommodations, you’ll have a choice to stay in a cottage made of bamboo, nipa and other natural materials. This structure can make you feel in harmony with the natural environment and enjoy its cool and fresh atmosphere while you rest or sleep.

Okay, here are some of the rooms available…

Air-conditioned Rooms:

They are equipped with cable TV, hot & cold shower; from Php1500 to 2000 per night depending on the number of guests

Non-airconditioned Rooms:

AH Room: provided with gas stove, refrigerator, electric fan; accommodates 8 guests for Php2800/night

D2-D4 Rooms: toilet & bath, ceiling fan; for 4 guests for Php1000/night

COT2: Php500/day excluding entrance fee & electrical usage fee
COT1: Php600/day excluding entrance and electrical fees
COT3: Php800/day excluding entrance and electrical fees

Mushroom Cottages: Php300/day excluding entrance & electrical usage fees

Big Tent: Php1200 excluding entrance & electrical usage fees
Small Tent: Php800 excluding entrance & electrical usage fees

Now, here’s how you can find and contact this resort.


Address: Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu
Phone: +63 32 - 461 9318 or +63 32 - 512 8870 / 512 5156
Mobile: +63 932 593 2778
Email: durhanwhitebeach@yahoo.com

Getting there:
From Cebu, you’ll pass through Mandaue City, Danao City to Sogod. Upon reaching Lugo Church, you should turn left for Tabuelan. At Tabuelan Town’s intersection, turn right to San Remigio’s direction, but Durhan’s resort is just 2 kilometers from this town and you would surely see its billboard (signage) with its directions.

Another route is through the Southwestern side. Private or rented vehicles can take the Transcendental Highway (I like word ‘transcendental’) that passes through Balamban, Asturias, and Tuburan then Tabuelan. You’ll find the signage at the intersection on your left hand side. Safe travel & enjoy!

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Enjoy your vacation then!

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