El Salvador Beach Resort

El Salvador Beach Resort

el-salvador-beach-resort-danaoEl Salvador Beach Resort's beach area (photo credit: El Salvador Resort)

El Salvador Beach Resort

El Salvador Resort is a fantastic leisure property located in Danao, Cebu, the heart of the Central Philippines.

The beach resort nestles on the eastern coast of mid-northern Cebu where you also kick-off your other possible fantastic destinations including the Camotes Islands.

It is also located in the famous town of Danao where great places and historical buildings, such as old stone churches are still standing and serving the faithful.

You will not miss it since it is right across Sabang Elementary School of Barangay Sabang of Danao.

Guessing that you are already excited to find out something about this resort property. Let’s check out then below…

el-salvador-beach-resort-poolCool and clean pool at El Salvador Resort

excellent facilities

You will discover that El Salvador Resort offers so much for your great satisfaction and truly relaxing and enlivening time. Here are some features

Beachfront Facility
You could say that you are on a beach because you can run over the sand and jump into the fresh and clean sea water of Danao.

By the side of the beach, you will find roofed-facilities that you can use for any activity by the beach – that is truly cool! You can watch the horizon and panorama that extend as far as your eyes can see.

Entrance Fee: (1 free drink and use of swimming pool and beach)

  • Aged 11 and above – 200pesos
  • Aged 4 to 10 years – 150pesos
  • 3 years old and below – Free entrance fee

Swimming Pools
Yes, they have coooool, clean and refreshing swimming pools where you can dip, dive and stay there as long as you want. Indeed, kids would love that just as I experienced when I was that young then, whew!
You can do sunbathing while reading your book, scanning your phone, sipping your drink or munching your snacks, or simply just daydreaming in a lounger.

By the way, proper swimming attire is required inside the pool or when you are swimming. There are life jackets and floaters for free, but depending on the availability.

el-salvador-beach-resort-coco-restaurantCoco Restaurant at El Salvador Beach Resort (photo: El Salvador Resort)

Coco Restaurant
I am confident that it is named “Coco” to recognize that ‘coconut trees’ in the country are symbolic of many great things – such as life, thirst quenching, hunger filling, and even family treasure or asset, right! You have to be a local to actually understand what I am talking about.

Yes, you will be very grateful after having tried their super delicious dishes being prepared by expert chefs of both local and international food.
Coco Restaurant opens to serve from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM. Don’t miss the fresh seafood – if you are not a vegetarian or allergic to them!

I am emphasizing this facility as it is worth describing it even for a couple of sentences. If you love greens and gardens, you should be staying by the balconies of this resort. Why? That is because these balconies are not only beautifully crafted but most of all a place where you can find peace by just being there – green and revitalizing sights of the grass, flowers – nature!

El Salvador Resort Cottage
Trellis (photo: El Salvador Resort)

Cottages or Trellis (PhP550)
Of course, these are very useful, particularly among day-users and guests. You can stay inside it to rest, eat, sing, drink, play some table games, etc.

If you are cooking or preparing your barbecue, you can freely use the grilling area located just outside the resort.

There is no corkage for food you will bring inside the resort’s premises. However, you are not allowed to do outside catering service. Alcoholic and soft drinks will only be charged fees if you bring in over one ‘case’.

Other excellent facilities include:

  • Gym
  • Reception Desk
  • KTV
  • Jacuzzis

more facilities and services

Function Hall
If you are looking for a fantastic place to hold your event – wedding, any celebration, meeting and such social or family functions – you are very much welcome to have it here. El Salvador offers you excellent support facilities to your perfect event.

Of course, contact them directly and arrangement your preferences and details of your event, and they will be glad to entertain you.

Spa – Elsa Spa

  • Body Massage: Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy or combination
  • Facials: facial express, Fruit Facial, Galvanic Facial
  • Massages: back massage, hand and foot massage, head and shoulder massage
  • Foot Scrub: with massage or pedicure
  • Body scrub: papaya, milk or oatmeal
  • Body wrap: coffee/oatmeal, milk or papaya
  • Sauna and shower, manicure, pedicure

Relaxation Packages:

  • Relaxation express: foot scrub, foot massage, manicure and pedicure
  • Total pampering: back massage, facial express, and foot massage
  • Sweet indulgence: sauna, body massage, foot scrub, foot massage, manicure, and pedicure

The ultimate Treat: body scrub, Jacuzzi, body massage, facial express, etc.

el-salvador-beach-resort-deluxe-roomOne of the excellent bedrooms at El Salvador Resort

great rooms / accommodation

El Salvador Resort proudly offers its 39 fascinating arrays of accommodation.

All rooms come with a free buffet  breakfast. Free use of swimming pool, Complimentary use of gym plus free snack items to all Deluxe, Family & Residential rooms.

Any room you rent comes with a free buffet breakfast at CoCo Restaurant, free use of the swimming pools, complimentary use of gym facilities, and you get free snacks if you rent the Deluxe, Family or Residential room.

finding el salvador resort

Now, if you are starting to get very interested in learning more about the resort, you may use the following details.

Address: Km. 30 Cebu North Road, Sabang, Danao City Cebu, Philippines 6004
Phone: 032 5162252 (PLDT) . 0916 6058070 (GLOBE). 0923 1455613 (SUN)
E-mail: sales@elsalvadorresort.com
Coco Restaurant: 0922-6198506 (SUN)
Website: http://www.elsalvadorresort.com/

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