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Eloisa Royal Suites Hotel, Mactan IslandEloisa Royal Suites Hotel, Mactan Island

Eloisa Royal Suites Hotel

Eloisa Royal Suites is nicely nestled on Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. Mactan is one of the most popular islands in the province. It is where you can find the international airport.

Close by Eloisa Suites, you can easily access the major tourist destinations on the island and Cebu. Nearby the hotel you can also visit banks, souvenir stores, department stores, restaurants, sites and resorts.

Eloisa offers services you will need while you are under their care. You can avail their airport transfers and other travel advice you need.

The hotel’s rooms have the amenities and facilities you need with comfort. They have better security and safety systems including CCTV, security guards, safety deposit box, including a standby electric generator.

Overall, Eloisa Suites offers all sorts of guests and visitors – families, groups, friends, couples, backpackers, travelers, business and events guests.

Advantages at Eloisa Suites

Eloisa's Tuna Kinilaw (raw fish)

There are so many and countless reasons why you will find it advantages to be staying at this hotel. Let me enumerate only some…

Beaches and Resorts
Mactan Island is a popular place where both locals and foreign travelers enjoy the beach or sea. Even if you are not staying on a beach resort, you can enter (with entrance charge) to any nice resorts on the island.

You can enjoy their white beaches and most of their facilities. Big resorts mostly have waterparks for children and adults, swimming pools, spas, gyms and others.

You can also enjoy their restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other offers possible to avail for a non-staying visitor or guest.

Cebu-Mactan International Airport
Yes, being at this hotel, you don’t worry about missing your flight or traveling far since you are already close to the airport. It only takes a few minutes to get to the airport from Eloisa’s.

That’s right, if you want to enjoy quickly the beach, scuba diving, island hopping or any water activity, then you should be close to the airport where this hotel is located.

Also located close to the airport are the export processing zones where the world famous companies create or manufacture their electronic, machines, clothes, and other products that are being exported outside.

Portofino Beach Resort

Shopping Centers
On Mactan Island you can shop all sorts of products –both local and imported. There are malls available nearby, assorted shops, and souvenir shops. At those shops you can easily enjoy searching for jewelries, shirts, summer wears, etc.

Mactan is also popular for its local made products such as guitars and ukuleles and other native musical instruments. And there are also nice products made of sea products, but you are discouraged to buy such items because purchasing them can be in one way or another deleterious to the sea’s ecosystem.

If you are quite particular about owning great furniture products, then you are at the right place. Cebu furniture is known not only in Asia but throughout the world for its amazing and creative furniture, such as chairs, sofas, outdoor and indoor furniture.

On Mactan Island, you can find stores and exhibitions of such great furniture products. In fact, Cebu regularly exhibits furniture and other house decors in some designated hotels, particularly on Mactan Island’s hotels.

Fun Water Activities
If you come to Cebu or Mactan Island to enjoy the sea, you bit you are in the right spot of the province.

From and on Mactan Island you can access all facilities and services that would provide you the best experience of the sea’s beautiful nature. The island has all sorts of service providers for various sorts of water activities.

There are lots of dive shops and water activity shops that offer a day (or days) of water activities. You can enjoy island hopping – a form of visiting small islands to enjoy their beaches, lazily do sunbathing, enjoy your seafood meals, snorkel or dive.

There are shops that offer scuba diving services for those who are serious divers, including free divers.

If you decide to learn PADI lessons, you can easily find them lining up by the beaches or close to the island’s sea areas. The instructors are professionals and have long experience in scuba diving and teaching beginners and advance learners.

Hold Business & Social Events
From Eloisa Royal Suites, you can also conduct or hold your business activities or social events to places that offer such facilities and services. You can save if you stay at this hotel and hold your events somewhere close to it.

For example, you can enjoy the pools and beaches of the resorts nearby and come back to the hotel with much comfortable and cozy room amenities.

So, they are just some of the things you can avail and enjoy with while on Mactan Island and staying at Eloisa Royal Suites hotel.

Royal's Accommodation

Eloisa Suite's Superior Room

Eloisa Royal Suites Accommodation
The hotel offers three types of rooms for your choice.

Suite Room Type
Deluxe Room Type
Superior Room Type

Each room have their complete facilities and amenities for your total comfort and need. Each room have cable TV sets, premium beds, WiFi access, toilets, hot and cold showers, among others.

Of course, these are just some samples of the facilities and amenities you can avail with.

Finding Eloisa Royal Suites Hotel

Finding Eloisa
This hotel that offers accommodation fit for royals can be easily spotted when you are on Mactan Island. For a better guide, you may use the address below and the contact details in case you wish to learn more or inquire.

Address: Maximo V. Patalinghug Jr. Avenue, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +63 (32) 492 1913
Mobile:   +63 917 309 1921
Email:      rsvn@eloisaroyalsuites.com
Website: http://eloisaroyalsuites.com/

Yes, I guess that’s more than enough for you to find the place.
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Have a great day and enjoy your travels!

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