Ermi Beach Resort, Oslob


Ermi Resort is a fantastic leisure facility situated close to the highway in Oslob Municipality, Cebu Province, Philippines.

It is also established close enough to the ocean with amazing panoramic sight of Bohol, Siquijor, Negros and other neighboring provinces and islands.

Being located in Oslob, it is where the famous gentle whale sharks can be found. Locals and foreign visitors alike flock to this area to watch or swim with these giant fishes under the protection and care of the fishermen in the area.

Aside from the nice sites and fantastic activities you can do in the area and resort, Ermi also offers a venue and catering services to interested guests.

With a combined Filipino and international collection of wine and food, the resort provides services for weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays, family gatherings, company picnic, school outing, and other social gatherings you can think of.


Yes, there are loads of interesting and fun activities you can do in this resort and area. It depends on your preferences and level of sense of adventure.

Anyway, you can just also relax and keep to yourself by doing quiet and relaxing activities if you prefer.
Here are some of things you can probably enjoy doing…

The resort has a nice swimming pool where you can spend all the time in the world. Surely, you can enjoy reading or just sunbathing at their loungers or chairs by the poolside.

I guess you are already familiar with the following activities. Although they are very familiar to you, the experience you’ll have on doing any of those games or activity would be probably different than when you do it in ordinary places.
Here they are…
Billiard table

Diving (skin, scuba, free diving)
Boat and Sea (tours on the islands, etc.)
Whale shark watching
Cultural heritage tours

Those are the basic and usual offers from the resort; however, you can arrange or make a request of activity which could be outside of the list of activities.


The newly-renovated resort offers new face and landscape. Let’s find out the facilities available before you make your visit. Probably, there are other facilities not mentioned here so you need to check out for yourself, just in case.

Here are the facilities…
International Restaurant
Swimming Pool
International collection of wine
Hot and warm showers
WiFI access
Stand-by power generator

Surely, there are more to this list.
Now, let’s check out the rooms you can choose from.

The rooms available are listed below with their respective rates. Just note that rates could change anytime without prior notice. To find out the updated rates, please send them message or call them to make sure things are properly quoted.

Here are the rooms…

6 Rooms for 2 persons (PHP 1,500.00)
1 Room for 3 guests (PHP 1,900.00)
1 Room for 4 guests (PHP 2,300.00)
1 Family Room for 3 guests (PHP 2,400.00); or PHP 4,000.00 for 7 guests

Additional charges:
For 1 additional guest: PHP 200.00
For an extra bed: PHP 200.00

The rooms are fully air-conditioned and have other amenities including: hot and cool showers, WiFi access, TV sets, sanitized rooms, standby power generators, etc.

Address: National Highroad 1, Gawi, Oslob, Cebu 6025, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 09-328449048; 09-228195095


From Cebu-Mactan International Airport, you can take a bus, Van, taxi or car for hire from Cebu City (or taxi from Mactan) to get to Oslob Town.
From Cebu City, take a bus from South Bus Terminal or V-Hire.

If you prefer, the resort can pick you up from the airport and send you back off. You need to arrange this in advance to make sure things would work out alright.

From the airport or any point of origin in Cebu City would take about 3 hours.


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