Genesis Valley Mountain Resort

Genesis Valley Mountain Resort, Consolacion

View of the pool of Genesis Mountain Valley Resort from a window

Genesis Valley Mountain Resort is another great place to spend your vacation with and for those who seek more active events and adventures.

The place has very spacious grounds for active games or events, especially for groups or families who want to do some physical activities during holidays.

And yes, this resort is nicely located by the mountainside in one of Consolacion Town’s mountains.

Fun & Interesting Activities

Genesis Valley Mountain Resort provides great facilities for outdoor exercises.

It has sliding facilities for children and exercise facilities for adults as well.

Exercising or doing cardiovascular activities can revive your tired body and mind, especially the clean oxygen that this resort provides…

It has very spacious ground for games. The ground is not concrete but covered with bermuda and/or blue grass.

It maintains a pond or “lagoon”.

It also keeps animals and birds or a sort of small zoo for children to enjoy with.

Other colorful things you can see at Genesis Mountain Valley Resort are the animals and birds in their zoo.Colorful Birds
Cebu PhilippinesCool Pool!

Nice Facilities & Services

The facilities of Genesis Valley Mountain Resort have been prepared to accommodate and serve larger groups of guests.

These tents accommodate from a minimum of 15 occupants. Surely, you can squeeze in more friends or just rent other tents.

Swimming Pool
If you want to dip in or swim into the pool you may have to pay for swimming pool use. It would be a fantastic to experience dipping in into a cool water of a pool located in a mountain resort.

Poolside Villa
The villas have built-in umbrellas with tables and benches where you can relax and enjoy while eating your snacks and sipping your drinks.

Swimming Pool Charges
The following pool rent rates include the poolside facilities, such as tables, chairs, and umbrellas (or parasol). There you are…

  • From 1 to 10 guests: 1,500 pesos
  • From 11 to 20 guests: 2,700 pesos
  • From 21 to 30 guests: 3,600 pesos
  • From 31 to 40 guests: 4,300 pesos. And from 41 guests and up the rate is Php100 per head.

In addition, there is a small chapel where you can pray or make your wishes for a better life and more blessings.

Cebu Resort
Philippines Resorts

tropical Accommodation / Rooms

Here are the accommodations available for your overnight or longer stay at Genesis Valley resort.

The Clubhouse
This house can accommodate up to 180 guests. That means that you have a special event to get this facility. It would cost you a reasonable P5,000 only to use this clubhouse.

Logically, since this facility accommodates larger number of guests, the management offers a catering service, which they call Senens Catering.

Pool-side Villa
If you come with your family or some friends, you can use this villa located by the pool’s side. The villa has 2-bedroom guesthouse with a kitchen, living and dining room. The rate is Php6,000 per night.

Kubo Rooms (huts)
These rooms are good for 2 adults and 2 kids, which means ideal for a family with 1 or two kids. I’m sure that if you have one more kid you just need to pay additional charge to squeeze in! It will cost you 2,000 pesos a night’s stay.

Finding Genesis Valley Mountain Resort

If you wish to find out more about this special place, you may use the contact details below. Please, be generous to share new information regarding the details if there are changes. We would be very glad to recognize you. Thanks!

  • Address: Cabangahan, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines
  • Telephone:  (032) 346-5291 to 99
  • Office Days: Monday - Friday
  • Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

To get to this place if you take a public transport, call a habal-habal (motorbike for hire) from Fooda Consolacion for Genesis Mountain Valley Resort.

From Pit-os to Cabangahan, you can also take the habal-habal to get to the resort. It will cost you less than a dollar (US), only 25 pesos. Whichever way you prefer, you would always end up to this great place!

A chapel at Genesis Mountain Valley resort in Consolacion, Cebu

More Resorts & Beaches

The following resorts and other facilities for relaxation and vacation can be found close or just around Consolacion area.

Tawig Resort
Twin Creeks Nature Park

Daghan kaayong salamat sa pagbisita!
We hope you’ll have a fantastic time in this resort or any place you prefer on the island.

Keep safe always and enjoy your vacation.

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