Getting to Oslob Municipality

Getting to oslob

oslob-whale-sharkWhale Shark in Oslob, Cebu

getting to oslob

Getting to Oslob from Cebu City
Certainly, many roads will lead you to Oslob Municipality – where the famous gentle giants (whale sharks) can be regularly watched or encounter with.

This page only provides you a transportation guide given you are departing from Cebu City (and tow more towns), the capital city of Cebu Province. Now, the best approach when traveling to Oslob area, you should head for the…

Cebu South Bus Terminal
Yes, you can hop on any bus that goes toward southern Cebu where Oslob is. Many bus lines serve passengers moving towards that part of the province. The most and biggest bus company is the Ceres Liner. Of course, you may pick other buses and you have choices between an air-conditioned and non-air-con buses.

The difference between the two are also two logical reasons: air con costs more than a non-air con, and air-con buses have shorter travel time since they stop in limited bus stations only, while the non-air con stops more frequently to drop off or pick-up passengers.

fare & travel time

The air-con Ceres Bus is about 60pesos,  and I recommend you take it as there is not much difference with the non-air-con bus. Besides, it is much more comfortable. I could say that based on my personal experience. Air-con buses show action movies, and seemingly they offer free WiFi.

It takes around 3 hours and a half to reach Oslob area.
Departure interval from South Bus Terminal is 30 minutes, and they serve 24/7.

From Bato to Oslob   
Time travel from Bato to Oslob is at most 30 minutes for about 30 pesos (changes over time).

From Moalboal to Oslob
You can also go from Moalboal to Oslob, but you need to go to Bato first and then to Oslob. They stop at their terminal in Bato where you need to change bus (Ceres).

It takes around 2 hours to get to Oslob including bus transfer at Bato Terminal.
The total fare is around 100pesos.

about oslob

Oslob is a municipality of Cebu Province. The area was once a sleepy fishing village but turned into an international attraction when whale sharks become the tourism magnet of the town and primary source of income for locals.

Thousands of local and foreign visitors come to either watch or swim with Whale Sharks (some use scuba dive gears).

Whale Shark Watching (Butanding Attraction)
Barangay Tan-awan of Oslob Municipality is where you can find the Whale Shark Watching Area. Tan-awan is about 10 kilometers from Oslob Town. At the area, you will be staying in the Briefing Area where you need to undergo a ‘briefing’ right before you take the small boats to meet the sharks.

The Briefing Area is also where you can change your clothes and pay for availing the attraction. Please, make sure to bring with your cash (pesos) for your fees as they do not accept credit cards.

Whale Shark Watching Details
Schedule: from 6 AM to 12:30 Noon only. I recommend that you come early, around 7 am because the sea water is calm and you can clearly sea the Whale Sharks even from above the water or when you are on your boat.


  • Whale Shark Watching only – PhP300
  • Whale Shark Watching + Snorkeling – PHP500 (includes snorkel equipment) price for locals only; PHP1000 for foreign guests
  • GoPro Camera rental – PhP500 (You can ask the boat person to take photos for you while you are enjoying your swim with the whale sharks)

more travel resources nearby

More Travel Resources Nearby
Tumalog Falls – amazing falls located only 4 kilometers from the Whale Shark Watching area
Sumilon Island – exotic island that got it all – enjoy a day-tour package!       

Resorts & Hotels nearby
Click this link to see the hotels and resorts near Oslob and Whale Shark watching area.
Alternatively, you may type in ‘Oslob’ in the search box below to see some photos, rates, and more details directly.

Thank you so much for reading this guide, and I hope this helps you somehow.
Have a great and safe travel!

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