Gorion Beach Resort in Samboan

Gorion Beach Resort

Homely Gorion Beach Resort

Gorion Beach Resort is a beach a locally-owned establishment situated in the Municipality of Samboan, Cebu Province, Philippines.

The resort offers very affordable rates with simple facilities but with great sea water and panoramic horizon.

Although not so powdery grain of sand, Gorion has white beach and clean blue water.

It is one of the few places in Samboan that offers overnight stay for visitors from distant places who want to take refuge and rest in this part of the island.

The name Gorion Beach Resort is given in honor to the late Mrs. Lucia and Mr. Aniano Gorion.

Fun To Do & Facilities

You can do a lot of interesting things in places like this, depending on your creativity and background of enjoying life, especially on the beach.

Gorion Beach Resort's beach view, Samboan, CebuBeach at Gorion Beach Resort

The Beach
In particular, obviously, you would enjoy the beach and its water. By the beach of Gorion, you can play various sorts of beach games, including volleyball.

Of course, swimming in the fresh and cool sea water is the best part and the reason why you go to the beach, isn’t it! The water is clean and so is the beach at this resort.

Whale Shark Watching
Yes, you can watch whale sharks but not right here in this resort. You need to reserve and visit the place where these gentle giants live. 

One of the most popular places to watch whale sharks is Oslob where you need to travel by boat, which is really worth your time, energy and resources.

Aguinid Falls
There are many natural sites that can be found in Samboan and one of which is the Aguinid Falls, among other falls in the area. People come to see, enjoy the fresh water as well as have a nice time and food close to this waterfall.

Old Town Houses & Other Structures
Yes, being inhabited by Spaniards and influenced by this culture, you can still see some houses built during that period. Being old and historic, these houses are under the care of local officials as part of the municipality’s heritage, among others.

Another sample of heritage is the old town’s church which is still being used by local church members in the area.

Beach Accommodation / Rooms

Let’s check out your available and possible room when you decide to visit this resort.

You can have two choices of rooms if you decide or will reserve a room, or rooms, for your vacation or short visit in this resort.

Your two choice of accommodation are the air-con and non-air-con rooms. The room rates are affordable enough (example: PhP1,000/4 guests; PhP1,200/2 guests).

The rates might be hard to understand and that’s because various accommodations are owned by different proprietors (this could have changed).

To make sure that you are happy with your reservation, you might need to contact and inquire from them directly for more details.

Bamboo Beds
Of course, it is not only bamboo but with a mattress on it. Bamboo is the common material being used in beach resorts since this material does not only evoke a tropical feeling but also cool temperature.

Rooms available at Gorion Beach Resort, Samboan, CebuAccommodation at Gorion Beach Resort

Some rooms have bamboo couches, dining table, TV, ref, and most of all have a bamboo cottage outside, washing area and grill facility for your meats or seafoods if you prefer to cook your food.

Finding Gorion Beach Resort

You may use the following contact details if you are interested to know more about this resort.

Address: Barangay Ponong, Samboan Municipality, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: 09993357310 or 09236039238 (contact Ms Antonieta Ruda)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gorion-Beach-Resort/

Please, let Cebu Bluewaters know if there are changes in the details mentioned above. I would be very grateful if you do.

That’s all there is. However, there is only one way to find out everything about this place. Yes, you need to inquire, reserve and then visit the place.

Thanks for dropping by and hope this helps you find something useful
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Have a great day then!

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