Hale Manna Beach Resort & Gardens

Hale Manna Beach Resort, Moalboal

Hale Manna Beach Resort at Moalboal Town, Cebu PhilippinesNice seaview in Moalboal at Hale Manna Resort

Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens is a pretty resort located on the great and famous beach of Barangay Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu.

If you are interested to know what the name stands for, here it is: ‘hale’ means a home/house and ‘manna’ means ‘good energy’ for both in Hawaiian language.

However, the owners of the establishment prefers the meaning of ‘manna’ to be ‘gift from heaven’. Yes, it is the rightful name for this beautiful part of the province.

Certainly, the tranquil and splendor of beauty of the sea and beach in Moalboal is the gift for all locals and everything in the place.

Exciting Services and Facilities

Being located in a strategic area for various activities, Hale Manna Beach Resort offers very interesting water activities and other fun and relaxing things you can do at their resort.

Here they are…

Scuba Diving
This is very interesting for both newbies and professionals. Why? Because they can find the beauty of the underwater which we cannot see on land, such as colorful fish, shrimps, nubibranch, soft and hard corals, anemones, among other wonderful creatures.

It simply means diving into the deep waters without using oxygen. This is only for expert freedivers and not for those who is learning without an instructor.

For snorkeling activity, the snorkel tube and mask is free for house guests (those who are staying in) but will be charged to a day user.

Kayaking and Rafting
Again, a kayak, either a single or double, is free for the house guests but not for the day visitors. As of this writing the rent is PhP150 (single kayak) and 200 (double kayak).

Dolphin Watching
This is quite interesting and needs your patience. This is done usually with a group and you need to pre-arranged this one or else you can’t get a slot in a boat (pumpboat).

Fun Outdoor Activities

Yucca Hut at Hale Manna ResortYucca Hut at Hale Manna Resort

Aside from water activities and adventures, you can also avail outdoor activities offers at Hale Manna resort. You can do the following…

  • Canyoning
  • River Climbing
  • Caving
  • Mountain Bike Tours
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Kawasan Waterfalls Picnicking, etc.

However, if you are that not so adventures, or probably afraid to dive into the water or is afraid of insects and spiders, you have a choice to just stay quietly inside the resort and do something fun, too!

Hale Manna Beach Resort also offers some simple and less strenuous recreational activities inside the establishment.

Some of the recreational facilities include:

  • Pool table or billiards
  • Board Games, such as chess, scrabble, etc.
  • Television and watching movies with DVDs
  • Min Golf – only putting and chipping are available!

Aside from active activity, one can also meditate and reflect on one’s personal life and discover one’s inner beauty which is quite challenging to do. The resort has meditation areas where you can get in touch with your deeper self – a tranquil and comfortable space.

Package Offers
Hale Manna also offers great package services especially prepared for corporate or bigger groups. For example, you can have a company outing activity, a team building with your colleagues of classmates, or any bigger group you may have.

You better contact the resort directly and inquire about the rates, reservations, and other conditions that need agreement between you and the resort.

A van rental with a driver is also available if you need this service.

Sumptuous Meals, Dinners & Snacks

Hale Manna offers special rates for meals for groups (of 10). The meals are usually served in a buffet style, but make sure you arranged it beforehand after having confirmed your room booking.

The dishes that will be included in your buffet menu totally depends on your preferences, which will determine the rate of the buffet.

The following are the meal services they offer…

Set Breakfast
Buffet lunch
Buffet dinner
And snacks

In addition to the above offers, Hale Manna offers ala carte meals which will surely satisfy you and your group’s cravings!

For Day Visitors and Guests

If you pay a certain rate (about PhP350/head) you can freely use a kayak, snorkel, trips to their floating raft and a life vest.

Beach Hut. The rent totally depends on the number of your gang. But the rate ranges from Php700 to 2,000 as of this writing (January 2015). Please, this rate only serves as a guide and it could change overtime or without any prior notice. So, contact the resort for rates updates (this travel guide does not take any responsibility for any losses…)

The resort generously allows you to bring your own lunch but you must rent a beach hut in order to be permitted to use their facilities.

Transport Service
Hale Manna offers a pick up and drop off service for its guests. They partner with a rent-a-car service provider to fulfill your transportation needs from the airport or any part of Cebu to their resort.

You can make this arrangement by directly inquiring from the resort’s management.

Finding Hale Manna Resort and Coastal Gardens

Here's how you can contact and find Hale Manna.

You can make initial inquiries through phone or emails, or dig deeper by visiting their website.

Location: Barangay Saavedra, Southwestern Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines

Phone:     (+63-032) 316-2603; +63 922 842-4939 (call Becky Pestaño-Smith)
Email:      bpsmith888@gmail.com
Website: http://www.halemanna.com/

Booking and Reservation

You can book online for Hale Manna Resort through this site's partner company.

You may use Agoda Smart Online Booking service for your resort room.

Agoda Company is a world famous online booking provider. It provides quick and safe transaction. Try it today!

Thanks a lot for reading through this page. Hope this is helpful in your search for vacation or business.

Hale Manna Beach Resort buildingHale Manna's main building

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