Igotan Cave in Talisay, Cebu


Igotan is a natural and popular site for those who seek to explore a little adventure in the province.

It is located in the tranquil Barangay Jaclupan, Talisay City, in the Province of Cebu, Philippines.

The cave is just a small one but interesting enough for small time adventurers. Just like most of the caves, Igutan Cave offers amazing rock formations, stalactites and stalagmite structures.

In my experience, caves give you an impression or idea how other worlds would look like—strange shapes and formations of the surroundings, some eerie feelings, smells different, and the unfamiliar temperature…

If you were an archaeologist or anything like that, you would most likely say that the cause or origin of this cave is due to the erosion of the softer materials and left the hardrock structures forming various shapes inside it like deformed columns.

Inside the cave you will see water or streams flowing out, which is probably nature’s way of driving out soft soil and materials from the innards of this cave, thus creating tunnels or passageways that would eventually lead you to the original source of the stream.

In short, the small flowing source of water slowly created the tunnels and finally creating the cave’s structures after hundreds of years, at least.

And, outside the cave you’ll find a nice and cool waterfall that originates from the uplands of Barangay Jaclupan, Talisay. Certainly, you are allowed to take a bath and drench yourself with the falling water.

Now, let’s hear some interesting stories about the cave…


Locals have various interesting stories or legends about this cave. Some say that during the Japanese presence in Cebu, many of these invaders used the cave as their hiding place during the Second World War. This is most probably true since the cave can support people for some time since there is water inside it.

Some locals say that they could feel something eerie and can feel spirits of the dead and the area being haunted. Well, that makes it more fun and interesting to really check out, isn’t it!

If this cave existed for hundreds or a thousand years ago, it is quite logical to say that original settlers and native people would have used this cave as their shelter to protect themselves from rain or typhoons, wild animals, other invaders, or any.

For that reason, many people say that the cave is surrounded by all sorts or stories, mysticisms. Some even believe in other-worldly-beings that inhabit the cave, such as the engkantada (fairies).

While other people say that the cave holds a therapeutic power inside it. This is exactly one of the major reasons why people come take pains of getting inside the cave. The following sub-topic will explain that therapeutic gem…


Of course, before getting into the center of the cave you need to struggle in searching the right channel leading to the gem of the cave. Since the tunnel is only lightly lighted, you need head light.

In short, you will finally discover a flowing water which is coming from a small falls inside the cave itself. It is not very spacious inside and can only accommodate small number of visitors.

The falling water is where you should be to wash away the mud, dirt, sweat and all that away from your body.

And then you’ll start wondering and so you will ask: Where/what is the therapeutic power of this cave? That small pool and the falls is exactly the therapeutic gem of the cave.

The water is pure and clean… And when you stay for quite some time under the falling water and let it massage you, then that would be very therapeutic. There is no magic or trick or anything like that.

It is nature revealing itself and its healing power. It is Mother Nature massaging your whole being and getting rid of your stresses away, aside from the dirt or bat smell on your body!

The small pool is being illuminated with dim lights supplied by electric power from outside. It is not totally dark inside, if you are asking.


There are various ways to get to Igotan Cave in Talisay. Here are some of those ways…

If you are coming from Cebu City…
Take a Jeepney (e.g. 41D) from CitiLink Terminal that goes to Tabunok, Talisay. Upon arrival, head for Lagtang until you reach Rose Pharmacy where you can take a motorbike for hire (habal-habal) that would bring you close to Igutan Cave. The driver will drop you off at the junction of Mananga River where you’ll find a metal footbridge that you need to cross to get to the other side of the river bank.

Then ask some locals about the cave’s location.


Since this small adventure is not just a mountain hiking one, you might need to prepare something for your cave activity.

It is recommended that you pack light so that you won’t have any trouble crawling in to find the tight tunnels of the cave.

Other things you need: water, wet/swimsuits, trek shoes or sandals, cave helmets (or anything hard that could protect your head from hard materials), headlamp, flashlight…

And you need to have your backpack waterproof, if you need to keep something from getting wet.

Anyway, if have are carrying heavy loads, you can leave them at the caretaker’s small shack outside the cave’s mouth. Toilets are available where you can change. The facilities are just simple.

That’s the most about Igutan Cave.

Have fun and enjoy your small adventure. Since this is a popular place, many visitors come to enjoy it too, and so make sure you don’t keep others waiting too long for their turn to experience the gem inside the cave.

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