Kalumpang Beach Resort, Argao


Kalumpang Resort in Argao, Cebu Province is a popular place for gatherings and events in this area.

The name of this resort derives from a large old tree that has a foul-smelling orange-red blossom with pods that enclose an edible oil-rich seeds.

This tree itself is the landmark of this special place in Argao.

Aside from catering social events and other functions and offering accommodations, it also provides day tour packages upon request for a group activity.

Since it is a beach resort, you can certainly enjoy anything related with water and sea sports or activities for both individual and group package deals.

Among other water sports, you can rent a Kayak (for Php100), a Jetski, boats, etc.

Group Outing
It is perfect for families or bigger groups since you can save more and enjoy better. The rate for this outing starts from Php2,500 and could go up depending on your arrangements.

Swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, skim boarding, and anything active can be done in this resort or in the nearby facilities if not available.

Kalumpang Resort accepts events and celebration catering services. However, you have to make sure that you booked in advance and has clearly made your arrangements regarding particulars of your event or special celebration

What are being outlined below, roughly, are the available (please check the changes of availability) facilities and services for rent in package deal or any arrangement.

Venue Rentals
Function Hall rental
Wedding Packages
Picnic Packages
Catering Services

Here are the celebrations and events you can have in this resort’s facility…
Birthday Parties
Wedding Anniversary and Celebrations

And anything you can think of to happen as something special for you and with anyone special in your life.

You can also request for an event’s coordinator to help you facilitate and make sure everything runs smoothly when the day comes.

The rates range that follows could change anytime depending on the seasons and on the management’s decisions. So please, inquire directly from the resort’s management for the updated rates and quotations.

Here are the range of rates for the rooms…
Single Room – P 1, 200
Double Room – P 1,500
Triple Room – P 2,000
Family Room – Php1,200 to 2,500

Owner/Contact Person: Mr. Ian Galeos/Jessie Gosembalem
Address: Highway, Looc, Poblacion, Argao, Cebu
For inquiries, please call 3677-505
email at: contact@argao-cebu.com

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