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Kon Tiki Marina Suites  Mactan IslandThe balcony of Kon Tiki Marina Suites on Mactan Island

Kon Tiki Marina Suites

Kon Tiki Marina Suites is a beach resort property on top of a coral rock on the beach by the sea of Mactan Island.

It is located right on Lapu Lapu City’s Maribago Beach area. It is a great resort where you can easily request for amazing water adventures and activities around the islands.

It only takes around 20 minutes from Cebu Mactan International Airport to reach this place.

The airport itself is located on this island and this is the only airport (both domestic and international airport) in the province, and the second busiest in the country.

The property has a free parking space, great window and panoramic views of the sea and spacious surrounding.

Great Facilities & Services

In addition to the wide and open views of the sea of Mactan Island, the hotel itself offers the usual facilities you can get in most places but with great service.

They offer nice and clean air-conditioned rooms and everything you need that comes with it.

The kind and friendly staff member will be happy to offer and arrange for you island tours, water sports and adventures, including scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

A souvenir shop is open inside the resort, if you wish to bring home or your friends some local products, or if you want to remember your great memories about your vacation in this place and time.

Don’t worry about food since they have a restaurant that offers you both local as well as international dishes. Just don’t miss the fresh sea food – fresh ones or cooked dishes – if you don’t have any problem with sea food at all. The most popular among them is the ‘kinilaw’, a fresh fish mixed with vinegar and other spices, yummy!

Kon Tiki's Suite Room

Suite Room at Kon Tiki Marina

Suite Room Facilities
Your suite room has a wide window where you can enjoy the panorama of the sea and Mactan Island’s surrounding islands.

The room is airconditioned that is equipped with cable TV, a mini bar, seating space, bathroom with showers and everything in it.

From Kon Tiki Marina Suites, you can easily access places and centers. You can go shopping on Mactan Island or Cebu City, visit historic places or do business.

In here, you can breath the cool breeze, freedom and get rejuvenated by the whole tranquil tropical atmoshphere of the island.

Fun Things To Indulge In

While staying at Kontiki or anywhere on the island, you have easy access to many great places on the island or nearby it.

Go to the Beach or Do Adventures
As mentioned already, you can easily go to the beach, not only at Kontiki Marina Suite’s beach but also in other places.

For example, you might decide to visit public beaches or private resort’s beach. For private beaches, you can get into a hotel’s beach resort by paying an entrance fee for a reasonable price and enjoy their beaches.

You can avail many of their facilities and services although you are not a resident, such as pools, bars, bathrooms, loungers, among others. That means you need to pay more aside from your entrance fee.

Shopping & Local Products
You can shop at Mactan Marina Mall and other shops on the island or go to Cebu City which is just around 30-40 minutes by car. In Cebu City, you can shop at bigger shopping centers such as Shoe Mart City (SM City), Ayala Center, and other malls and shopping parks.

Back to Mactan Island, you can also buy souvenirs or other quality products produced locally by expert and skilled crafts persons. For examples, you can buy musical instruments at Alegre Guitar Factory. They produce quality and world-class guitars and other musical stringed instruments at budget and upscale prices.

In addition, Cebu and Mactan Island is also popular both locally and internationally for their furniture and home décor products. You can buy chairs, sofas, beds, decors, lightings, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, tables, etc.

Cebu or Mactan’s furniture products are famous not only domestically but also world-wide. Furniture companies export their best and quality products and being bought by celebrities and famous figures in the world.

Statue of Lapu Lapu at Macta Shrine, Mactan Island, CebuStatue of Lapu Lapu at Macta Shrine, Mactan Island, Cebu

Historical Sites
On Mactan Island, you visit its most popular historic site due to its very relevant event. The place is called the Mactan Shrine. The shrine is where the famous “Battle of Mactan” occurred. If you don’t know yet, it is there the local hero, Datu Lapu Lapu, defeat the foreign explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the 16th century.

Certainly, there are most historic sites on the island that you need to know. However, if you want to got out of the island and go to Cebu City to find more famous historical sites could also be a great idea.

In Cebu City, you can readily visit 16th century old structures, such as churches, forts and museums among others. The most popular among them include the Magellan’s Cross, Santo Nino Basilica, Cebu metropolitan Cathedral and Fort San Pedro.

Eat at Restaurants
From Kontiki Marina Suites, you can enjoy food from popular diners and restaurants on Mactan Island. You can dine at Sutukil Sea Food restaurant, Lantaw Floating restaurant, Maribago Grills, and more of such places.

If you want to dine in hotels, you can certainly find them easily in places such as Shangrilas, Crimson, JPark Hotel and others.

Facilities & Services Summary

Just in case you forget and in order to refresh your mind about Kontiki’s facilities and services, here they are for your information:

Kontiki Marina Suites offer interesting recreation facilities including water sports (motorized), water sports (non-motorized), and other adventures you can think of.

Other facilities and services:

Payment through PayPal service
Outdoor Space and Garden
Bureau de Change/ATM
Currency exchange
Transport/transfers, Shuttle service (surcharge)
Wi-Fi/internet access
Free parking, and more…

Finding Kon Tiki Marina Suites

Here is the address of the place if you are interested to learn more. You may also make use of the phone number and other contact details if you have any inquiry or anything at all.

Address: Datag, Mactan Island, Pajac-Maribago Road, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +63 32 505 2273

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