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la vie parisienne cebu

la-vie-parisienne-cebuOutdoor garden of La Vie Parisienne Cebu

romantic la vie parisienne cebu

La Vie Parisienne Cebu is a newly established ‘French’ boulangerie, pastry shop and wine library in Cebu City.
It is opened since 2013 in Lahug.

Since its opening, La Vie Parisienne Cebu is being flocked by Cebuanos and other visitors in the city 24/7.

It is a perfect place for relaxation and socialization while enjoying the myriad of Parisian taste food and drinks.

excellent ambiance & features

The property introduced itself as a modern and well-designed and bedecked with recent fancy decorations.
You will be delighted to visit the place especially in the evening or night time. That is because you will be greeted with mesmerizing lights and you will be sitting in places surrounded by their fantasy-like colors and effects.

La Vie Parisienne Cebu has been busy upgrading their services. For example, they offer more spaces to relax in their open garden. You can find bags to sit on, balls of lights with different colors and small tepees (American Indian houses) where you can go in and have private interaction.

You can order your food and drinks from the bar (or order facility) located in the garden area.

You need to be there to describe the place, but you will certainly cannot perfectly put into words the attraction of the property.

Now, let’s talk more about the more important things and what made you bring there in the first place.

Food and drinks…

la-vie-parisinne-cebuXang's circle dining in
la-vie-parisienne-cebu-tepeesLa Vie Parisienne's facilities (photo by: Kriza)

super delicious & tasty offers

You can get almost anything that is Parisian or something close what Parisian drink or eat!

At La Vie Parisienne Cebu, you can relish the following as examples…

Café Latte Chantilly, café macchiato Chantilly, mocha almond Chantilly, mocha vanilla Chantilly, mocha caramel Chantilly, mocha blanca, and mocha chocolate
Food – cakes, pastries, etc.

Salmon Quiche, moka chocolat, tartlette pear, tomato and tuna quiche, chocolate and walnut brownie, custard tart, almond tartlette, chocolate cake, Normandy apple tart, tartlet lemon, sugar topped ring donut, muffin with chocolate chips, merveilleux chocolate, tiramisu, lemon meringue, strawberry cake, etc.
Mille Feuille – It is a dessert made of layers of pastry and custard.

For the real food, they would usually come with starters and main dishes. Of course, a bottle of French wine is a must. It would not be a meal without wine! You can have your fancy and sumptuous dinner at La Maison Rose.

to do at la vie parisienne & la maison rose

You can hold any social event in this place and get the most memorable French culture ambiance. Basically, you can have the following events as long as you arrange it in advance.

Thanksgiving Party
Marriage ceremony
Birthday Party
Marriage Proposal

Also, you can also indulge in the following offers…

Watch world games (world cup, boxing, etc.). Yes, if you are a big fan of soccer and other international games, or a big fan of Pacquiao then you can watch them here through their wide screen – live!

Shisha Session. La Vie recently offers this premium Shisha. You can have various flavors for your choice – cherry, rose, mint, orange, cappuccino, and peach flavors.

French Groove. It is usually a once a week event where everyone is invited and with free admission. You can dance with music coming out from skills of famous DJs.

Lounge Music. Yes, you can enjoy great and soothing music every Friday evening listening to downtempo and dub music with free admission. Local and international DJs will be there to provide you musical entertainment through their skills.

finding la vie parisienne cebu

Since the place is located in Cebu City, assuming that you are in the capital, it would not be difficult to get there in a jiffy! Below, are the contact details and useful information.

Address: 371 Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City, the Philippines
Facebook: @lavieparisinnecebu
Phone: +63 933 972 9995
Business: Mon-Sat: 6 PM – 4 AM, Sun: 6 PM – 12 AM

To get there, you can take a Jeepney from Colon Street or almost anywhere in Cebu City. Take the Lahug-bound Jeepney with sign boards 17B, 17D and 04D for example. Just tell the driver that you want to get off near La Vie or before the Church of the Latter Day Saints (the Mormon church).

Of course, you can also take a taxi or bring your own vehicle.

Enjoy the place, and thanks for reading through this page.

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