Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach of Badian

cebu-lambug-beachLambug Beach (photo courtesy of Archer)

Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach is another fine beach shyly located in Badian Municipality, Southwest of Cebu in Barangay Lambug. It is quite popular owing to its pristine white and fine sand and turquoise seawater. 

You can do any fun activities with friends and colleagues, or something more strenuous such as competition games ? beach volleyball, swimming, running and anything you can think of doing.

The great thing about Lambug Beach is that it is not so commercialized or being run by huge beach resort companies and such development giants. Therefore, you can find very affordable places to stay in overnight, such as homestays, bed and breakfast (B&B), native style cottages and more.

From Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, it approximately takes four hours to get there. You can either sleep through during your travel or simply observe through your window the greeneries and sea views along the way.

What to find and explore

In this beach area, you will find ample of interesting things to be explored and enjoyed with. Of course, you come here to cherish the giftedness of nature and so be it!

White sand and blue water

As you expected, you will find the white and fine sand beach in Lambug. The sandy area of the shore is wide enough for various activities that need movements such as running. 

Of course, the white sand meets with the turquoise seawater the washes it day and night. The water can be ironically described (or oxymoronically speaking) as crystal clear and blue at the same time. You will not find much seaweeds in this part of the province. Hence, it is truly relaxing to swim in to enjoy the sea, sun, and sand.

Stunning Sunrise

Many travelers to Lambug Beach prefer to come late in the afternoon, especially among the younger generation. They leave Cebu City (if from or somewhere near Cebu) in the afternoon taking a 4 PM bus from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to arrive at around 8 PM at their destination. It is a good time to enjoy the dinner, drink something, sing songs, and then expect something amazing early in the morning - sunrise!

Yes, you should not miss the sunrise in this part of the world - it is spectacular. Get ready your camera, or if you do not have the good one, you can use your phone camera - the handiest one!

Coconut trees, fruit trees, flowers

Most probably, if you are a local (I mean a Pinoy born and living in the country for life!), coconut trees and other tropical plants might not be something interesting or even surprising to you. However, if you are a Pinoy (or another tropical person), you should be happy that you have such kind of tree (or palm tree) that many non-tropical people do not see every day or have never seen one in their lives. 

Anyway, I love coconut trees as I was growing up with them and even supported my studies (and my family ^^). Yes, these are the common plants you will find lining up or dotting the sides of the shorelines of Lambug Beach.

Available Comforts

As a ‘non-developed’ beach, you will find only the basic facilities in the area. However, these basic facilities are the only ones you need. Forget about the noisy technology of the bustling city world just for a day or two so that you will be refreshed and rejuvenate.

Back to the facilities… Yes, here are some of them…

Cottage with Videoke

This place can be noisy but maybe a good one where you can release your stresses and unwind your exhausted and stress-filled mind and heart. You can rent cottages with videokes to enjoy singing with friends. A cottage with videoke is usually being offered to bigger groups and willing to spend a couple of pesos per song.

Small Stores (Sari-Sari Store)

If you do not want to spend money outside from your budget, you can bring your own personally effects and hygienic needs. However, you do not need to worry either as there are small stores (called Sari-Sari Store, meaning a store that sells miscellaneous products) wherein you can purchase basic products, such as shampoo, canned sardines, tissue paper, lighter, sweets, among others.

Certainly, you will discover more basic facilities in the area if you ask for it. 

Boats & Tours

Yes, you can find and rent boats in the area. You can also find resorts that offer tours to island and places

what you can use

What will follow are the things you can make useful during your fun and relaxing day.

Camping Tents

You can bring in your tent if you want to carry them around while traveling. The price is that you can pitch that tent and pay nothing to the beach. Yes, you are allowed to do that and sleep inside. You can also rent a room if you are not used to sleeping outside in the open.

Fees and Rates

Overnight Stay is usually 2,000 Pesos (to over 3,000) for 10 guests in most overnight facilities. A cottage with that rate is huge enough for a group of ten to stay in and sleep over. Usually, it comes with the basic facilities including a kitchen with cooking utensils and kitchen wares. You will also be allowed to cook and save more. However, you need to buy (or bring with you) your provisions either from the nearby market or stores, or where you come from. 

Tricycle Ride

A tricycle ride would usually cost you 30 pesos, but you can also ask for a discount if you can. One tricycle usually can accommodate up to 7 passengers ? that is fully loaded!

Bus Ride

You can take a bus for Cebu City in Lambug, but you have to take a tricycle to bring you to the bus stop.

finding Lambug Beach

From Cebu South Bus Terminal, you can take any bus that plies to Barili (for a fee of over 100 Pesos). You may take a non-aircon one or the aircon one. Get off close to Cebu International Golf and Resort which is also located along the way. You need to take a tricycle ride to reach Lambug Beach (for 25 or so Pesos) from where you get off.

places to lay your head

No worries in finding places to stay in. Lambug has various accommodations with basic facilities but comfortable enough for a short stay. Here are some of them:

5J Escarpe Lodge & Beach Resort 09196624673
Magic Beach Resort (+63-906-307-7210)
Grandeur Beach Resort
Lambug Beach Homestay
Address: Lambug Beach Rd, Badian, Philippines
Phone: +63 916 762 0044
Bed and Breakfast
Aragon’s Brother
Terra Manna Camping and Resort
Juntos De Novo Beach Resort
Manang Virgie’s Beach Resort
Philippines Cebu Sudivers

more attractions nearby

Close to Lambug Beach, one can also explore other attractions, sites, and resorts. The most famous one in the area are the following:

  • Kawasan Falls of Badian
  • Badian Island Resort and Spa, Badian Island
  • Badian Island Wellness Resort, Zaragosa
  • Maonanik Beach Resort and Tours

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