Lantoy Cave in Argao

Amazing Lantoy Cave

Caving Lantoy Cave

Lantoy Cave in Argao, Cebu, is one of the interesting caves fit for spelunkers. It is located within the mountains in the mountains of Lantoy.

The cave is one of the largest cave systems in Cebu Province. The mouth of the cave has an impressive vertical opening making it easy enough among outdoor and cave enthusiasts enter and explore.

Being surrounded by the lush vegetation of Lantoy National Park, the cave itself is just one of the fun and interesting places that one can explore and enjoy with.

Mount Lantoy is a 593-meter high mountain which is declared as a watershed forest reserve in 1994 through a Presidential Proclamation (No. 414).

Initially, the protected area was over 7 thousand hectares but was reduced to 3 thousand in 2006 by former President Arroyo’s executive order for some reasons.

Mythology behind Mount Lantoy

According to one of the Philippine mythologies, Argao’s Lantoy Mountain belongs to the domain of Maria Cacao – a diwata (Philippine fairy). Maria Cacao used to live in one of the caves in Mount Lantoy.

Outside her cave, she plants cacao trees which she would harvest and deliver them to town during rainy season through her golden ship.

Obviously, this myth tells that the area grows cacaos as one of the sources of livelihood among its inhabitants.
Outdoor Activities

If you love the mountains, challenging terrains and other adrenaline pumping outdoor activities, Mount Lantoy and Lantoy's cave system in Argao could be one of the places you should try.

The place is quite popular nowadays after being discovered and known for its lush vegetation and interesting environment as well as being a watershed reservation area.

It is easy to find tour and adventure providers nowadays that cater to the needs of adventurers on the island (e.g. They usually offer guides and rates for a very satisfactory rate.

Some of the fun activities you will enjoy with includes hiking, mountain climbing, rappelling, river trekking, spelunking caves, potholing, among other strenuous but fun recreational activities.

For example, one of the highlights in visiting Lantoy is the final 25-meter rappelling alongside the cave exit’s waterfall.

Cave adventure providers mostly offer an 8-hour package which includes your return ticket, lunch and activities during the day. The package includes guide and equipment as well.

What you will need?

At least, you have little fear of heights, since you need to hang by a rope or climb through it.

Bring outdoor pair of shoes or boots, shirts, waterproof backpack, camera, sun block cream, shades and anything you think you will need.

Tourism Office. Since the area is a protected site, it is under the local government’s protection, which means that you will need to ask permission first to get into the area.

Through the tourism office, you can also arrange guides who are professionals. However, if you come through other tour guide providers you may not need to ask permission yourself to enter.

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