Larawan Beach Resort, Talisay


larawan beach resort, talisay

Larawan Beach Resort is a popular public beach in Talisay Municipality, Cebu City, Philippines. “Larawan” is a transliteration of the English word ‘image’ or ‘picture’.

Most probably, this name was given to this beach by people who used to swim and dive in into the water when they were younger and still remember their happy good old days.

It is not a white sand beach but there are thousands of reasons why you should come and visit and enjoy Larawan Beach Resort. Let me enumerate some…

First, this is a public beach, which means that it is FREE: no need to spend much, just bring your own supplies and you don’t need to worry about the number of your group members. You can bring a battalion of your family and relatives and enjoy the beach on lazy Sundays and holidays.

Second, Larawan Beach Resort is very accessible from Cebu City, especially from Talisay City of course. You can walk from the city to this beach in minutes. 

Third, you can do a lot of fun and interesting things on the beach. You can play games, such as volleyball, Frisbee, badminton, and anything at all without any difficulty. Surely, you can rent boats, arrange tours and adventures from this area for a day’s activity. Just ask around and everybody will love to introduce you to various places that offer such services…

If you are a ‘native’ or a local to this place you can surely write more reasons why this place is fantastic for you.

larawan beach features

Larawan Beach Resort is famous for...

Larawan Beach is a nice and cozy beach not only for being a ‘beach’ but also due to its popular local products, especially food.

You would right away notice upon arriving that there are lots of food stands lined up near the beach. These food stands offer various food products: seafood and all. Larawan (or Talisay) is popular for all sorts of local, traditional and street food products, such as:

  • Lechon - A whole barbecued young pig that is popular for its crunchy skins which can usually go pleasantly with all sorts of drinks: hard and soft drinks. A lechon is popular in the whole country as a special delicacy during special gatherings, parties, and celebrations. An event is not perfect without a lechon!

  • Kinilaw - This is usually a fresh fish food mixed with onions, hot chili, ginger, and other ingredients including vinegar. It is a common menu during beach outing events. It is somehow related to susi (Japanese) or saeingson hwe (Korean) but our kinilaw is quite unique because of its ingredients.

  • Camote - Camote is a sweet potato (an opposite of potato). Camote can grow anywhere on the island, especially in Camotes Islands (a popular holiday destination). Camote comes in various tastes and textures depending on its color. It comes in yellow, white, orange, violet… The most common method of cooking it is boiling, broiling, and frying with brown sugar, yummy!

  • Sinugbang Isda - This is a grilled fish. Yes, this is the quickest way to cook and eat fish on the beach and very delicious too. You can call it a fast food since you can do this very easy, and all you need is fire (and charcoal). A bowl or rice or ‘puso’ (hanging rice) is all you need to enjoy this sinugba and you don’t need to worry the rest of your day.

  • Kunselba - It is a sweetened banana (usually a 'kardaba' variety) afters or snacks delicacy which is usually cooked in boiling water mixed with brown sugar. The water is boiled hard enough that it becomes the juice or sauce of this delicacy. It tastes great! It is also fantastic if the juice is mixed with coconut milk--my favorite!

And more… find them out yourself!

make it much better

Larawan Beach Resort is mostly popular among locals and those living in the nearby area. However, there are also foreign visitors who have been to the beach and tried swimming there.

They said it is a nice place but it needs some improvements if people want more visitors, especially foreign visitors. 

One online writer and paradise explorer said that Larawan to make itself attractive and put it good facilities to gain popularity and probably make it profitable to the local people.

The person says: “This beach needs an improvement and cultivation & beautifications, to make it profitable, and could be an international escapade” (tripadvisor review). After the Second World War, Talisay is considered as one of the best places for historical tourism. This is the place where brave Filipinos fought against the invading Spaniards.

I couldn’t agree more. Surely, any improvements and developments to this beach would affect the livelihood and standard of living among locals. It can become a ‘paradise’ that does not need a white sand. 

Larawan does not need to become a fancy beach. It only needs proper facilities and services that serve the needs of visitors. Actually, there has already been an undergoing renovation and improvements. Hope best things will happen to this area.

Good luck to all the officials and residents of Talisay!

accommodation & location

Of course, there is always a room in the inn. You can find a room for a day or night’s stay if you want to.

Usually, you can find billboards or signage outside those houses.

If you can’t find them right away, you can just ask a local. To be safe, ask the vendors about such accommodations and they would point to you right away. 

Location/Addresss: Barangay Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

The underwater of Larawan Beach is full of life just as evidenced by colorful fishes, corals, etc.

more resorts & attractions in talisay

Below are some of the choices of destinations you have when visiting Talisay area.

  • Pooc White Beach
  • Yaro Beach Resort
  • Marocca Swimming Pools
  • The Talisay Ruins
  • Balay ni Tana Dicang
  • Igutan Falls
  • Lagundi Reef
  • Bucawe Falls
  • Lagtang Cave

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Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy always your travels.

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