Magic Island Dive Resort

Magic Island Dive Resort

Magic Island Dive Resort, Moalboal, CebuPhoto courtesy of Magic Island Dive Resort, Moalboal, Cebu

Magic Island Dive Resort

Do you want to find magic in Moalboal Town? Go and visit Magic Island Dive Resort. The dive resort offers fantastic services and facilities you can find in the area.

You can get the best accommodation and the most fun, interesting and memorable activities and adventures in this spot of Cebu Province.

The accommodation facilities are totally fitted to accommodate guests from various international and cultural backgrounds.

Their accommodation amenities are standard and well-maintained for your comfortable use.

Magic Island Dive Resort is located with a great sea view, the Pescador Island, Badian Islands and the hilly and mountainous parts of Cebu Province.

In Moalboal, you can do lots of fun and adventurous things depending on your taste and wishes. You can have either the water activities or land adventures and tours. You can easily arrange them through this resort if you wish.

Now, let’s find out more about this dive resort’s offers…

Fun Activities To Do

The following activities are just some of the basic and popular offers you can do to enjoy your vacation or short break in this area.

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, etc.
  • Kayaking, boating
  • Island Tours, land adventures, picnics, etc.
  • Motorbiking, bicycling, etc.

Yes, you can do almost everything to get the most out of your holiday. Some of those facilities can be provided by the resort itself for rent, which is basic and cheaper.

However, some of those gorgeous activities should be arranged with other service providers, which are actually easy to do. Ask the Front Desk for your inquiry about any activity and they will certainly be happy to offer your suggestions, and would help you out get what you wish for.

Now, let’s check out the facilities and services that Magic Island Dive Resort offers to its regular guests and would-be guests.

Great Facilities and Services

Magic Island's Beach Bar


The cottages at Magic Island offer you various amenities for your comfortable stay.

Each cottage has aircon, ceiling fan, hot and cold water for showers, hair dryer, safety box deposit, pool towels, private balcony, and setting area.

You can check its cottages or book your room at this resort here. You will see photos, rates, availability and other services that this resort offers.

Restaurant and Bar

The restaurant at Magic Island Resort offers a wide array of dishes from various cultural backgrounds.

You can have a variety of traditional Filipino cuisines, European dishes, Western style and other international dishes. Pastas and great salads are certainly available all the time.

The bar serves any sort of drink you want to enjoy with. You can surely get the famous San Miguel Beer, wide array of wines, cocktails, and fresh fruit shakes.

Swimming Pool

You can enjoy Magic Island’s swimming inside their establishment. That’s if you don’t want to swim in the open sea or nearby the beach’s shoreline. Certainly, you can use the swimming pool to cool off with fresh water.

Surrounding the pool are cottages. You can also enjoying reading your materials, tan or just do into a nap at the loungers available close to the pool. Then you can order drinks, coffee or snacks while enjoying what you are doing.

Swimming pool at Magic Island Dive ResortSwimming pool at Magic Island Dive Center

More Services and Facilities

While on vacation you can also have access to some physical health related services as in the following.

Spa, massage, manicure and pedicure services

Magic Island Dive resort has a nice space for spa and massage service with fantastic views of the sea. You will surely get pampered while enjoying the cool breeze and tranquil environment.

The massage techniques and essential oils you will get will certainly put yourself back to your best and healthy state after the service.

Its professional manicurist and pedicurist will make you feel like new. She will make your fingers, hands and feet get better and healthy and more attractive!

Hiring Motorcycles

Yes, this is one of the fastest and best way to see most of the surrounding area’s local resources, including markets, sites, mountains, attractions, among others.

You can rent a motorbike if you can drive one. Or, you can also hire a driver to bring you around or anywhere you think worth your time.

Finding Magic Island Dive Resort

Now, if you want to learn more and inquire regarding anything, please use the below contact details. But if you have decided already to come and enjoy, you may need to get the address and directions of the place.

Address: Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu 6063, Philippines
Phone Philippines: +63 32 358 5477
Mobile Philippines: +63 927 206 1791

Getting to Moalboal

Getting to Moalboal is not hard to do. If you have arranged a pickup service, then you don’t need the guide page in this website. However, if you think you need one then click that link Getting to Moalboal for some transportation guides.

The page describes particular transports (such as buses, etc.), bus terminal, schedules and other common travelling and safety tips you can get. Enjoy your trip then!

Booking your Resort or Hotel

Reserving your room at this resort (or at any hotel in the world), you can do it online through various agencies. However, for your quick and safe transaction, this website recommends Agoda’s online service for your booking.

Click Agoda Smarter Online Booking service link and type in your hotel or resort name. You will be immediately prompted its existence (or non-service yet at Agoda).

Quick and safe service is the topmost concern at this online booking service. Book now your hotel or resort!

Thanks so much for your visit in this site. We hope this has provided you some relevant information for your holiday, travel or business.

Visit us again and have a wonderful day!

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