Mainit Hot Spring


Malabuyoc is one of the places in Cebu Province endowed with beautiful natural wonders and resources.

Among its natural wonders, there you can find the concealed but well-known Mainit Hot Spring. It is hidden mainly due to its accessibility and distance, and not everyone can visit the place without any intense desire to explore its natural attraction.

Mainit (means “hot” in Cebuano language) Hot Spring is natural and untouched (yet) by resort development projects. This hot spring, which is also close to a waterfall, springs from the interior of two mountains.

Just close by, you can also discover about more than 5 waterfalls with various heights and waterfall intensity.


Going to this place is not so easy but not so difficult either. You need to be fit enough or better yet an adventurer in order to get to the place and enjoy the giftedness of nature.

As a starter, if you came from Cebu City, you need to travel for about 4 to 5 hours to reach the town of Malabuyoc.

Then, from the town you need to hire a local motorbike or tricycle to actually find and bring you the hot spring.

To get to the town from Cebu City there are public transports that are very accessible in the city’s bus terminals. Taxis and private cars can also be good transports to get close to the place more quickly.

Where the hot spring is, you can find a number of waterfalls, which are quite challenging and interesting enough to discover. You need real physical agility and strength to climb rocks and slippery steps to climb over from one waterfall to another.

Some visitors use bamboo ladders to climb over to reach the source of the falls, that is, if such a tool is available when you’re there. Most probably, somebody is already doing this for a business (bamboo ladder for rent… nice!)

Within those falls you can find caves, which is a fun find for those curious adventurers (just watch out snakes residing inside those caves and dark holes!)

The Hot Spring
The spring itself is not ‘fully’ untouched by development. Partially, somebody built a concrete wall to create a small pool of hot spring water where you can dip in (surely, the original hot spring water was shallow or low).

However, around the area where the hot spring is, you can find your own space, lie on your back and maybe use a rock as your pillow, wow! A hot spring bathing!


Mainit Spring in Malabuyoc is not difficult to find if you are willing to travel for about 4 hours on the road.

Well, if you insist and willing to do this adventure, you can avail various vehicles in Cebu City bound for Malabuyoc. Here are the available transports…

Cebu South Bus Terminal
This terminal is located in N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City. From here, you can take the Ceres Bus Liner bound for Santander via Barili. Make sure to inform the ‘conductor’ ahead to drop you off at Malabuyoc Town so that you won’t mess up your plan and schedule.

Private vehicles or taxis can easily (and more comfortable) to take since you don’t need to make a lot of stops along the way. You need to take the SRP Road that goes to South Cebu. Then, at Car-Car City Rotunda you have to take the Barili direction or the ‘right turn’, which will lead you all the way to Malabuyoc!

Montaneza Falls
Mainit Hot Springs
Looc Waterfalls

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