Malabago Beach Resort in Asturias

Muddy Malabago Beach Resort

Malabago Beach Resort, Asturias

Malabago Beach Resort is tranquil establishment located in Sta Lucia, Asturias in Cebu, the Philippines.

This resort is being named after the century-old Malabago Tree surviving in the middle of the establishment.

Malabago Resort is a very affordable and budget beach resort with more natural environment, green plants/flowers, and not fancy facilities.

The sand is not so white but the water is great. The whole place is clean, calm and very relaxing.

It is great for camping and retreat if you prefer.

Most guests are groups who hold their parties or workshops, such as school organizations.

Others are mostly friends and families who want to enjoy and experience what tranquility is, while some want to get rubbed with mud that is believed to have healing effects...

Malabago Beach Resort, Asturias, Cebu, Philippines

Why visit Malabago Beach Resort?

If you want to know why you might want to spend your time and all at this resort, some of the following reasons might help…

First, there’s a fresh spring water in the middle of the sea water, which is interesting to know and difficult to find in other resorts.

Second, there’s a trench that is great for snorkeling to observe various fishes, corals, and other critters or marine life. It is only less than 10 minutes from the shore of this resort.

Third, as already mentioned beforehand, it is quiet, not crowded, revitalizing…

Fourth, it offers a Therapeutic Clay/Mud massage and Spa. It is believed that this clay can provide healing effects to the skin or body of those who have tried it. Of course, massage and spa can already offer healing effects…

More Advantages

The phone signal here is great.
Entrance fee is really cheap (PhP10+)
The cottages are also very affordable (PhP100-200)

Surely, there are more reasons for you and your group to visit and experience this provincial setting of Cebu Island.


Actually, you can apply that healing mud/clay yourself since it is available at this beach.

However, if you want to have somebody to have it properly applied to your whole body (mostly), you need to ask any of the workers at this resort (for PhP300).

You will have the therapeutic clay massage inside an open hut where you can truly enjoy the massage and its healing effects while not missing to inhale (and exhale) the refreshing sea breeze.

Some say that studies regarding this Malabago clay proved to be effective: it can relieve stress, especially those clay found right at the base of the tree. In addition, any part of the tree itself can be used to treat fever, ulcer, and other physical sickness. I would certainly agree with this since scores of plants in tropical countries are common sources of medicine, either being used commercially or as herbal medicine by local users.

Cottages & Rooms by the beach

Malabago Beach Resort offers some choices of accommodations for their guests who wish to stay for just a day, overnight or longer. For a cottage type, here are some of the interesting choices…

Normal (basic) Cottage. These are the cool nipa hut with open sides, elongated sits at the sides, and a table in the middle. This is quite common among simple and very affordable facility in the tropical Philippines.

Tree House Cottages. You certainly what I am talking about. this is also made of bamboo and wooden materials with nipa palm leaves as its roof. Of course, this is interesting especially among children and youth, some adults love this place as well.

Middle of the Sea Cottage. It is a hexagonal shaped facility build above the water and a few meters away from the beach. It is fun and relaxing space especially  for a group or family.

Basic charges of these cottages start from Php500 and above. Please, take note that rates for rents changes depending on the season or any reason without prior notice.

Now, if you want to do more and spend more time with a group or family, you can rent a small house at this resort.

Small Beach House. It is complete with basic facilities including a living room, water system, bedrooms, kitchen, etc. It is great for guests who plan to prepare their own food and enjoy their holiday and rest comfortably. The rent is Php3,000 for this house.

Finding Malabago Beach Resort in Asturias

Finding this resort is not that difficult to do. Here are some tips on how to get to Malabago, Asturias, Cebu.

Ayala-Tuburan Route

You can easily find Malabago Resort if you take a V-hire with an Ayala-Tuburan signboard bound for Barangay Sta Lucia, Asturias. This is an easy ride and you can sleep away and would not realize you are already in the area as you awake.

Then, from Barangay Sta Lucia you can take a motorbike for hire (or habal-habal) that will bring you to Malabago resort.

However, if you got your own private vehicle you comfortably go straight but with your map prepared beforehand. If you don't have a map yourself, go to that direction and ask locals to help point you the way.

That’s all for now. We’ll update this page as we get more information and experience from this facility.

Have a great holiday then!

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