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Mambukal Resort is a famous hot spring resort in Negros Occidental. It is close to Mount Kanlaon, a beautiful sleeping volcano that must be providing hot springs to the surrounding area.

Mambukal (in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia) is about 1,200 feet above sea level and it is the gateway to Mount Kanlaon. Mambukal Resort was originally established as a bathhouse and garden for relaxation.

Later on, it has turned into a fully developed resort with facilities catering to the needs of visitors looking for relaxation, adventure, or just a quite place of solace away from the hassles of daily routine.

This resort is conveniently nestled in a 23-hectare land area lavished with natural beauty, peaceful, and clean environment and refreshing air.

The ingredients of such natural beauty include the seven waterfalls that feed the water holes and the lagoon, which is being utilized as a small size but suitable boating pond.

The majestic waterfalls (almost like cascades) come down from the slopes of Kanlaon that is lush with tropical forest, bedecked with ferns, orchids, and other tropical flowering exotic plants.

Hot Waterfall of Mambukal Resort (photo:

Accommodation and Facilities

This Negros resort offers affordable and comfortable accommodation which are good enough for a lone guest, couples, group, and families.

They have…

  • Family cottages: accommodates up to 10 persons, air-condition rooms, bathrooms with cold & hot showers living room, dining room, kitchen, and a veranda facing the boating lagoon; free tickets for the 3 swimming pools;
  • LGU Cottages: there are 11 lgus with 4 rooms per cottage; air-conditioned rooms, hot & cold shower, kitchen & veranda;
  • Tourist Lodge: there are 8 standard & 2 deluxe rooms with toilet & bath room each; accommodates 2-4 persons per room; Family Room can take 10 persons
  • Dormitory Type Rooms: there are 4 dorm rooms; 20 people per room; electric fans only

Family Cottages facing Hot Boating Lagoon (photo:

Mambukal Resort Recreation Facilities

To accommodate the needs of various guests with various expectations and tastes, Mambukal established recreation facilities, including…

  • Kiddie & Adult pools – chlorinated with sand filter
  • Mambo Pool – basically for adults; chlorinated sand filter
  • Warm Sulfur Dipping Pool – for adults (four feet deep); seats surrounding within the pools; overflowing sulfuric water
  • Waterfalls – accessible seven waterfalls
  • Canopy Walk – people with no heights problem can walk on a hanging bridge (153 meters long & 25 meters high) connecting huge trees with tropical view
  • Slide for Life – hold on for your life; 200 meters long over the trees
  • Wall climbing – 8 meters high only but good if you want to start rock climbing and stretching all your muscles
  • Ishiwata Bathhouse – built in 1927 by Kokichi Ishiwata, a Japanese architect; Roman inspired, hot sulfuric water flows into five separate cubicles for privacy and relaxation;
  • Blade Spa – spa & massage under the cool nipa (palm family) and bamboo hut
  • Boating Lagoon- not just a lagoon but also a hot one since its water comes from the hot springs, has boating facilities

Boating Lagoon (photo:

Artistic Events & Competitions

Aside from the facilities, the Mambukal management also organizes events not only to entertain but also to awaken people’s minds to the environmental issues facing the province and the whole country in general.

The famous activity is called the Mudpack Festival. This event emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment while at the same time making it entertaining to the guests. The organizers invite artists who may perform or do their expressive talents.

Mudpack Festival usually happens…

  • Every 3rd week of June a year;
  • Highlights: Tribal dance, Mud body painting competition, Miss Earth Mambukal pageant, and Solo creative dance competition

Ms Earth Mambukal (photo:

More Basic Facilities

To make your visit and stay at Mambukal Resort more convenient, enjoyable and memorable, it provides and make available the following…

Convention Hall, Catering Services, Food Court, Picnic Huts, Tents, Sulfur Hot Springs, Virgin Mary of Lourdes Grotto, Butterfly Garden, Bat Watching, Transport Service, Flower Cutting, Trekking, Mount Kanlaon Natural Park, etc.

If you are a mountain climber, you can ask more information regarding maps and the do’s & don’ts when moving around the volcano.

For further details about this resort, you may use the information below.

Telefax: +63 (34) 710-0801

Wish you have a great and pretty hot memorable vacation!^^

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