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Created: 13 July 2014

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort was one of my first choices when I first traveled to Camotes Islands mid-August last year.

However, due to time constraints I was not able to book ahead and just headed away seeking for an adventure and hoping there is a place on this island that will let us in. The darkness already fell when we arrived and luckily we met somebody (a distant relative) who knows the place.

So, I was able to get a room in another resort nearby located on Santiago Bay along with my brother-in-law and sister through the help of my relative who was travelling with her family.

With fantastic experiences and grand tour on Camotes Island’s nice places, I am wishing someday soon that I can stay over Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort to enjoy it’s beauty and anything it can offer.

Brief Intro of Mangodlong Paradise Resort

This literally paradise resort is nicely enveloped and situated close to Barangay Consuelo on San Francisco Island of Camotes Islands. That’s right, there are satellite islands that comprise this beautiful islands of Camotes.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is very proud to offer you its Asian and combined with modern themed accommodations.

The rooms, restaurants, cool swimming (Infinity Pool) pool, among other facilities are perfectly prepared for your relaxing and great vacation.

Now, let’s check out things that you will probably use and enjoy with while having your break, vacation or bonding with your loved ones…

Refreshing & Cool Facilities

Being a 3-star resort facility, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort can provide you great facilities and services including the following:

  • Modern rooms with complete satellite TV, hot and cold showers, mini bar, etc
  • Infinity Pool: wide swimming pool facing the endless blue sea of Camotes
  • beach area: where white sand, sunbathing facilities, and seawater
  • Bamboo Café: a restaurant that specializes in Filipino-Chinese cuisine
  • Sunset Bar for refreshing drinks and it is located right close to the infinity pool

Certainly, there are more facilities you can use and have fun with while you are spending your tranquil time and breathing the refreshing sea breeze. In addition to the facilities that you would certainly need, you might also want to enjoy a little bit of fun and adventurously active sea water activities.

Here are the facilities for those who want to enjoy some water actions…

Water Activities:

  • jetski, banana boat, snorkel, kayak
  • half day tours to five island spots

Actually, if you want something that is not on this list of activities, you might probably get it if you try to make your request in advance. Know that the list above is just some of the main activities, and also note that some might not be available on certain seasons.

Great tropical accommodation

All of these room types have the same standard room amenities. That’s because Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is aiming to serve a 3-star or above accommodation to its valued visitors.

So, basically, the amenities include free breakfast for two (extra up to 1 person), huge beds (e.g. matrimonial, two single beds, queen-size bed, one king size and one queen size beds, etc.), flat screen TV with satellite cable, mini bar, hot and cold shower, safety box deposit, air-conditioning facility, among others.

And depending on your accommodation, you can have a balcony, front porch, espresso machine, private balcony with sunbathing beds, or any of the offers.

  1. Standard Room
  2. Deluxe
  3. Beachfront
  4. Cabana A
  5. Cabana B
  6. 2 Bedroom Cabanas
  7. 2 Bedroom Suites
  8. Paradise Suite

Now, here is the rate based on the accommodation you will choose. It is from Php3,000 for two guests (possible 1 extra person is allowed) to Php7,200 for two guests (and one extra guest is also allowed). Please, make sure to check out the updated rates  from their management or their website found below.

Other services & charges

More services and other fees

  • Extra Person: Php420.00
  • Extra Person with bed: Php600.00
  • Additional Breakfast: Php198.00
  • Tour Package: Php1,500.00 for a maximum of 10pax
  • Videoke Rental: Php500.00 per hour
  • Kayak: Php300.00 per hour for 1 pax
  • Php500.00 per hour for 2 pax

Helpful Additional Information

  • Use of the Infinity Pool is free for all valid visitors of the resort
  • The room rates include FREE pick-up service to all visitors from Consuelo Camotes Port to the resort, that is, if you are taking Jomalia Shipping Corp ferry.
  • Note that rates and details are subject to change without prior notice. So, please make sure you contact them personally either by email or phone.
  • Payment is required as you reserve your accommodation with exact dates and other details.

Finding Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort on Camotes Islands

Address: Mangodlong, Heminsulan, San Francisco, Camotes, Cebu, Philippines
Phone No: +63 32 583 9450

Yes, that’s all I can say as of this time regarding this great resort.

Thanks for visiting this website and hopefully this page helps you find something interesting important for your vacation plans.

Visit us again and have a great day.

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