Marigondon Cave

Marigondon Cave

Scuba Diver

Mactan's Marigondon Cave

Marigondon Cave is one of the most interesting outdoor activities on Mactan Island, Cebu.

The cave is an underwater marine life attraction and considered most exciting by regular divers of the island. One can easily arrange a dive trip through local dive resorts and expert dive providers especially those located on the island itself.

Marigondon is on Mactan Island where Cebu Province’s international/domestic airport is located. So, if you are coming from other country or region it would be very convenient to come by flying in.

Interesting features of Marigondon Cave

It is well-known that the opening of this underwater cave is wide and provides nice photos that can be seen online.

The roof of the cave is around 30 meters while the floor is about 40 meters wide cavern.

The entrance has a small alcove as you go in and it’s on your right. The major tunnel opens forward and with some rooms that can fit enough number of divers.

Some tunnels could go narrow but spacious enough for divers to follow through.

The cave’s terminal (end part) is called the “Grotto” where you might want to dim your light and experience the flashing colors of flashlight fish living in this part of the cavern, among other creatures making their home inside.

Divers' FYI

So, what are the conditions or environment surrounding and inside Marigondon?

Expert and experienced divers of this cave would warn other divers to be mindful since the current near the mount of the cave is strong especially during high tide period (ebb tide).

However, the water inside the cave is quite visible and there is no strong water movement or current.

To make sure that you need a guide and proper training before entering into this cavern, a memorial area for the diver who lost his life due to a panic can be seen at the mouth of the cavern.

The cave, however, is a very safe place to explore and enjoy. You only need a proper professional diver supervision or training. For this reason, only advanced divers and those who have experienced proper training may allowed to dive in.

Diving service providers would prefer guests who have advance training, higher nitrox training and with night dive experience for, at least, once. Certainly, technical divers who want to see Marigondon Cave’s internal are most welcome.

Thanks for reading this far. If you are interested in underwater cave diving, you may contact professional cave diving providers for greater safety and enjoyment.

Among the dive sites available on Mactan Island is below. Note that this website is not affiliated with any tour and dive providers on the island.

Enjoy your travels!

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