Marmol Cliff in Tuburan, Cebu


Tuburan Municipality, where Marmol is located, is in the northwestern side of Cebu Province, the Philippines.

Tuburan is recently one of the progressive areas in the province.

By the way, ‘marmol’ is the localized word for ‘marble’ stone. Most probably, they named the stone walls as such since they are smooth, shiny and could be compared to the great marble stones.

Marmol Cliff of Tuburan (Photo by: Irish Nunez)

At a certain time during the day (late afternoon), you could see the sun’s reflection through a particular point on the rock wall.

This means that the rock wall is smooth enough to create a solar reflection.


Yup, this famous place is created by walls of hard solid rock wall formations. The walls form some sort of passage way of the river that runs through it.

The walls really look majestic with imposing beauty on both sides of the river. The rock walls are solid and not blackish in color if compared with those found in Palawan, Jilin in China or Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Marmol Cliff has smooth and have some muddish or yellowish wall. I guess this is really a marble stone, a gem or treasure that needs to be kept where it is and not to be exploited.

You would notice that some guys try to catch attention by doing graffiti on the walls, and luckily they don’t use horrible colored paints, or anything like that.

Locals crisscross this place as they do their daily routine—visiting the town and going back home somewhere beyond the walls.


There are many ways in finding this amazing natural site. Some say you could approach the place from the top, but you need to be physically fit to walk over and climb down rocks and all sorts of natural hindrances along the way, which is a great opportunity among adventurers.

The most common and easier way (that’s because there’s no easy way, yet, to get to the place) is to take a motorbike for hire (habal-habal in Cebuano language). Yup, these superbikes could cram up to 5 passengers in a single trip, which makes the operators ‘superdrivers’ too!

Okay… you need to go to the town proper of Tuburan to hire a motorbike. Just remember to deal and bargain first before deciding to hire one of them. Usually, these operators take turn in taking passengers, which is their own great way of resolving conflicts. After all, Filipinos are very friendly, ain’t it!

Just be aware, if you don’t know or heard yet, it is quite a rough ride to get to the Cliff. You need to cross a dry river that is being quarried for construction supply. But that’s not the problem. You need to cross rivers with water and you will be literally getting wet—mostly your shoes and pants. You’ll be crossing the same river for about eight times or so.

However, you would surely enjoy the river, flat terrain and rolling hills, farming areas, villages and some uninhabited areas lush with vegetation.

Surely, you would hear birds singing and can watch some of them fly over as you disturb their natural habitat with the vehicle you are riding on.


Just like all the rivers behave, when heavy rainfall comes, the river of Marmol can become a raging flow of water coming from various directions through the mountains in the surrounding area.

Some say that the water level could go up as high as 20 feet or so. This causes not only problems to locals who must cross the river, but the dangers and fatalities due to loss of life by drowning.

However, during normal and sunny tropical days, you could see locals walking or wading on the water, children playing as they enjoy bathing the refreshing river.

As you enter the place, you’ll realize that you are enclosed by Marmol Cliff’s  walls, with 90 degrees, giving a sight of a gorge. Trees and various plants thrive through the crevices of the walls, and you could hear and see swallows flying to and fro everywhere.

Yes, there is more to this place than what this page tries to describe. And you know there is only one way to verify the majesty of this popular site in Tuburan.

Thank you for visiting this page and hopefully you enjoyed it.

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