Mountain View Nature Park

Cebu Mountain View Nature Park

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Mountain View Nature Park

Mountain View Nature Park is one of the best places located some kilometers to Metro Cebu. It is tacked in the mountainside of Cebu in a popular place called Busay.

Busay is known for its natural beauty as it is enveloped by fauna and flora in this part of Cebu province. From there, you can view the panorama of the city and its surrounding towns.

Now, let’s check out what can this mountain getaway offers us.


Relaxing & Fun Facilities

You will certainly not get disappointed if you are planning get wet and soak yourself all day, enjoy the beautiful nature and panorama, play with your children, or even sing to the top of your voice.

Swimming Pool

Yes, this is the number one attraction facility that invites cool water-thirsty visitors and guests. Mountain View has a swimming pool with various entertaining fountains and climbing facilities for children. 

As of this writing, an adult has to pay 100 pesos and a child for 75 pesos. Now, go and swim as long as you can until your lips turn violet.


Children’s Playground

Children do not have to swim all the time but they can also enjoy playing on the dry ground at the designated children’s playground. Various sorts of playing tools are available for your little ones, such as miniature train

Mini Zoo

Toucan, monkeys, snakes and many other local animals are free for viewing at this resort facility. 

Botanical Garden

A collection of tropical plants, colorful flowers, and trees of various species are observable in its botanical garden. Also, expect to see lots of trees and other species of plants being planted and growing in and around the resort itself.

Viewing Decks

Yes, you can have nice views of the bustling Cebu City, but you can hear the noise except the sound of nature of the mountain and all its diverse biology. 

Retreat and Seminar Halls

Being a place away from the noise and temptations of the busy world, Mountain View Nature’s Park also offers retreat and seminar venues. Your family, friends, groups, organizations or office can hold such healing, educational, and other sorts of transforming events to heal both minds and bodies of the participants.

More Things Enjoy

Camping Sites (rental for 2: 200pesos; 4 persons – 400; 5 persons – 600; 12 persons – 1,200 pesos)

For those of you who wish to have camping of love camping, you can spend your days and nights in this nature park. As mentioned, you can have various choices of tent rentals depending on the number of campers. 

Accommodation Facility

Aside from tents, you can also avail their offers of cottages with various accommodation capacities. Below are the rates based on the number of guests.

  • Air-con Cottage: regular (4 guests – 1,200); Executive (2 persons – 1,200)
  • Non-aircon Cottage: native (2 persons – from 500 to 700, Native (4 persons – 1,000); Family Room (4 persons – 1,500)

Contact Details:

Address: Busay, Cebu City

Phone: (0915) 363-1581; (0922)822-7533; (0917)631-2520 (0912); 481-7627(6332); 231-5444; (6332)231-5454; 032-316-4336 and 032-316-4332

Getting There

To get to Mountain View Nature Park, you can get their easily since there are various choices of vehicles you can use, and the road is concrete and well-maintained. Here are the best ways…

If you have your own wheels (or rent one) you can from Cebu City proper to the park for 15 to 20 minutes only. It’s faster since there is no heavy traffic in that direction and you will already feel better along the way.

Hiring a Van is another way if you come with a bigger group, especially a bigger family or group of friends. Deal well with the driver before taking off.

Taxi. Maybe not cheaper but more comfortable. However, you might have to also pay for the return fare even if you don’t come back to the city in it.

Habal-habal from JY Square Mall

Near or surrounding JY Square Mall, you can find motorbikes everywhere calling passengers. They can bring you anywhere as long as you are willing to pay. You may have to pay the charge for return even if you don’t come back on it.

Park’s Service Car

You need to contact them ahead to get their service car. At least 10 passengers will take it for a certain rate (PhP400 per trip at this writing). 

Now, if you have decided to see and enjoy the Park, contact them ahead.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and safety trip.

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