Murga Cave in Bonbon

Murga Cave or 'Binuthan Cave'

Entrance to Murga Cave or Binuthan CaveMouth of Murga or Binuthan Cave in Bonbon (Photo Courtesy: Melquiades Estrada)

Climbing Murga Cave

Murga Cave is an interesting outdoor travel site in the mountains of Barangay Bonbon, Cebu Province, the Philippines.

Locals also named this cave as Binuthan Cave and is being called so by many.

Although it is smaller in scale compared with other caves in Cebu, such as Agta Cave, it is still an interesting destination having a challenging trail.

To get to this cave, one must pass through rough terrains, such as cliffs, high rock climbs, slippery and rocky river and streams and thick forest that doesn’t want your disturbing presence.

There are no wild and huge animals strong enough to scare you, but there are tropical snakes and insects that are harmful.

Murga CaveRock formation, stalactites, spring pool inside (Photo: Melquiades)

The Challenges

To reach the cave, it can be quite challenging for non-professional trekkers or outdoor enthusiasts. However, as many ordinary people have experienced it, Binuthan Cave is not so difficult to reach.

But, if you intend on conquering this cave, you might need to be really fit enough to overcome some hurdles which are already aforementioned.

Basic walking and trekking for an hour is needed to reach the challenging part. You must climb over huge and high rocks with waters flowing over their faces. This means that you must not miss your every step or else you slip and hit on a hard surface…! God forbid!

Yes, you will get wet, bruised at times, sweating, crawling and climbing but could be very fun if with friends who enjoy such activity.

Into the mouth of Murga Cave

Into the mouth of the cave
Now, the challenge is not over although it is not with high difficulty level. As you arrive at the mouth of the cave, you will notice that it is with water.

As you are already wet from climbing the boulders and watery rocks, you won’t complain if you have to swim in to get through the mouth of the cave.

But first, you might need to replenish your energy by enjoying your lunch or energy bar and drinking liquids. Then rest for a while for digestion and mental preparation.

Inside the cave, you can explore, do spelunking and just enjoy the darkness and its mysterious atmosphere.

Probably, two hours is enough to enjoy this small cave although it takes more hours to get to the place itself. Anyway, they are all part of the travel – ingredients which compose the final destination!

Gears You Will Need…
Headlamps, shoes, gloves, waterproofed backpack, food, water, etc. Make sure you are physically prepared just as you are packed with gears for the trip.

The better prepared you are the more you will enjoy and make the most of your travel and activity.

Stay safe and enjoy the Cebu caves!

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