Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort

Top view of Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort's pool and cottage by the beach. Photo Credit: Odlot Hideaway Resort Facebook Page


Odlot Hideaway Resort is a leisure facility located on top of a cliff by the sea.

It is a very affordable beach facility with rooms and cottages for rent, among other facilities available for a holiday or vacation use.

Odlot Resort is located in the northern side of Cebu Province in Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines.

It is one of the nice places to be in the area where most locals go during weekends or holidays.
The whole atmosphere and surroundings bestow sense of life and freedom…

The lawn is covered with green grass (Bermuda grass) and you can see trees and other green plants and flowering plants around you.

This is a room for rent at Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort located in Bogo City, Cebu. Image Source: Odlot Hideaway FB page


We will try to describe briefly the facilities available into two places: top facility and beach facility.

First, by ‘top facility’ it simply refers to the facilities located on top of the cliff, which are the accommodation, offices, main entrance and other facilities. Let’s name some of these facilities…

Washrooms/ change room
These are available for those who do not rent a room but only enjoy the place for a day.

Cogon Grass-Roofed Cottages
Of course, you can rent a cottage (cogon grass-roofed shade with bamboo sits inside the rectangular-shaped (or pentagonal) structure, if you don’t rent an exclusive room.

This structure is quite common and popular in most resorts because it offers fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, it can accommodate a big family or group that will be describe further below.

Yes, this is one of the most important facilities you need to find first when visiting places such as these, right?

You can order most local Filipino dishes and some international menu. I’m sure you can easily have fresh seafoods, that is, if you don’t have any allergy, or if you are not a strict vegetarian. If you have a problem eating seafood or any meat, then make sure you make your request for veggies ahead of time.

The Bar
This bamboo-themed small bar offers alcoholic drinks. It is located right at the corner where the restaurant is.

I can still remember my youth when I spend time lying (or hanging) on a hammock and just dream away during day time (or siesta). Breathe the fresh air and refreshing sea breeze while reading your favorite novel, or just daydream…

Sunbathing loungers (folding bed)
Yes. If you don’t like hammocks then you can ask for a folding bed or sunbathing loungers. I suppose you can request for a small table or even a chair where you can put your bottle of beer or glass of soda, wine, margarita, etc.

Billiard tables
If you love to hit and put the balls into table pockets, then you must love playing billiards or a professional player.

Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort has two of these tables for your entertainment time. You know that this game is for both men and women, right? It is one of the few games that one or more players can enjoy with at the same time

Other Facilities
Small store and bar
Gift shop selling t-shirts, shell-made home decors, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the facilities right on the beach or sea…

A Pool
This is not a big and deep pool but just a small one where you can dip in and move about. Adults or parents can play with their little children in this pool. Maybe this is a lot better than swimming in an open sea water where you don’t know what’s lurking under your feet or what not…

Anyhow, you will enjoy this small pool not only that it’s a lot safer but you can see the horizon and so close to the sea.

However, if you prefer, you can just easily jump into the sea. Just watch out for the rocks since this area has actually no shore and dry sand.

Cottages On Rocks
Right below the cliff and where the small pool is located, you can find cottages. Originally, the foundations are rocks but were poured with concrete to make solid foundation and create more space and safer ground. So, these cottages are right on top of rocks.

To prove that, you will see one cottage linked with a concrete bridge since it is a bit detached from the other cottages. This cottage as you will see is sitting right on a big rock, and that creates a great ambiance… being surrounded by sea water.


As a resort located in this fantastic venue, it is normally irresistible to think of having a special event or occasion at this place. For that reason, Odlot resort is glad and willing to host…

Wedding Ceremonies

Please, contact the proprietor if you plan or think of holding any event for great details.


Here come the rooms available for overnight or longer stay inside the facility. Although the rent is very affordable for budget customers, make sure you got the updated and recent rates. Below is just a quote based on the resort’s information provided…

Aircon Room: PhP1,500/night
Non-Aircon: PhP1,200/night

There is no family room available (might be available later) but one room can accommodate up to 4 guests (extra foam mattresses and blankets will be available). At Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort, your Entrance Fee (Php20 for adult/child) is free if you rent a room.


There are various sizes of grass-roofed cottages available. It means that depending on your number and space needed for a day, you can decide which one among these rates…

Php 300: 8-10 persons
Php 500: 12-14 persons
Php 600: 15-20 persons
Php 800: 25-30 persons
Php 1,000: 30-40 persons

Php 150: Good for 5 persons

If you want to inquire, or book for your reservation you may use the following…


Address: Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort, Odlot, Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: (+63 32) 267-6632-Wendy
Lapu-Lapu Residence Telephone #: (+63 32) 505 0939)-Vic or Mar Dungog (owner)
Lapu-Lapu PLDT Landline Plus #: (+63 32) 514 5392)-Vic or Mar Dungog (owner)

(Globe) Mobile: 0915.9653590 MARIETA (Mar) Dungog
Email: odlothideawaybeachresort@yahoo.com; marietadungog@yahoo.com; vicmar_shells@ymail.com

This is a 'payag' or cogon grass cottage at Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort in Bogo, Cebu, Philippines. Image Source: Odlot Beach Resort FB page

Thanks for reading through this page. I hope this helps in your search. Please, come by again or more often in the future to find out more interesting resorts or exciting travel destinations in Cebu Province.

Have a nice day!

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