ONE Casita Borbon Beach Farm

One Casita Borbon Beach Farm. It is a unique resort in that it offers farming experience to guests, and you can also enjoy the beach and the islands in addition to its great services.

Photo: ONE Casita at Borbon Beach Farm, Cebu Province


A unique beach resort-cum-farm in Cebu Province, Philippines, can be found at Barangay Tabunan, Borbon.

It is located 82 kilometers north of Cebu City, the capital of this Visayan province.

The beach resort farm spreads in a 4-hectare property that aims to introduce farming as a method to connect and be in harmony with nature.

It is a private and an exclusive resort. This farm is located above sea level and overlooks the nice beach and sea of Borbon Town.

The management of the beach farm has personnel from its local families who are being taught to prepare buko (young coconut) pie, cassava cake, and other delicious native delicacies.


Being a farm and a farm by the beach makes this resort much more interesting. Yes, there are lots of fun activities you can do. Let’s start with …

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Just like in most Cebu beach resort areas, you can enjoy diving or just snorkeling in the waters of Borbon. Clean and fecund marine life offers you amazing colors and various underwater life – ghostpipe fishes, soft and hard corals, crabs, etc.

One kilometer white sand beach front
If you love just being on a beach, this is a great and right place for you. You can stroll, feel, and inhale the fresh and healing breeze coming from the ocean. You can also enjoy sunbathing and anything under the sun or the shade of coconut palms.

In the farm
And, if you love farming or just want to try how it feels like doing it, you are allowed to join the farmers in harvesting their produce, such as picking ears of corn, pulling up sweet potatoes from the soil, etc.

Or, you can learn how to milk goats, or maybe just feed them. And if you are an environmentally conscious and concern person, you have the chance to plant trees. Everything sounds very interesting to me, anyway!


One Casita beach farm has various plants and animals being raised. As mentioned already, they have goats and other poultry.
It has a plantation of banana, papaya, and other sorts of plants and trees.


If you wish to enjoy more water activities or tours on the islands, One Casita offers various choices for you (and your gang) to enjoy with. They are…

Sunset Cruise (PhP1,500/trip)
It is a sunset cruise along the coastline for about 1 hour tour to watch the beautiful seascape, the private homes by the beach, as well as the fantastic sunset. While slowly cruising the waters, you’ll be offered drinks to fully enjoy the fresh air and nature around.

Kalanggaman Island (PhP7,200/trip)
This is a real trip to one of the most secluded and dreamy white islands. Kalanggaman Island possesses a long stretch of white sand bar (shifts depending on the tide) where you can do anything fun – picnic, games, sunbathing, snorkel…

It has been declared as marine sanctuary some years back, but it has been a favorite destination among locals and foreign holiday-makers in Cebu long before.

For your information, the trip from One Casita leaves at 7AM for Kalanggaman and returns at 2PM. There is an entrance fee in this island (PhP150 for locals and PhP500 for foreign guests). It takes 45 minutes to reach the island. About 20 persons can join per trip.

Capitancillo Islet (PhP4,200/trip)
Capitancillo is a coral rock island. It offers a great place for viewing the ocean and the neighboring islands. It has also been designated as marine sanctuary. It is one of the popular dive sites as preferred by dive shops nearby. The marine life and everything underwater is considered by experts as a diver’s paradise.

Schedule: Northern Xposure leaves from Borbon Beach Farm at 8am and leaves the islet at 3pm; 45 minutes travel time; cottage rental is PhP200 to 600


One Casita Borbon Beach Farm stands on a promontory overlooking the sea. The view is great and ideal for couples, holiday-makers, honeymooners, and people who are looking for
One Casita room is built with clear glass panels encasing all four sides with zen-inspired cottage with thatched roof. Each cottage has its own kitchen, basic amenities, as well as spa services.


Let’s check out the rooms’ rates and other important detail descriptions:

Promotional Room Rate: P3,500/night for double occupancy with free breakfast for two.
Additional guest: P650 each/night with free breakfast.
The Casita is best for 4 guests (adults and children)

Regular Room Rate: P5,000/night for 2 guests with free breakfast
Additional guest: P650 with free breakfast

Well, that’s it folks!
If you got interested to find out some more about this nice place, you may check out through the info provided for below.


Address: One Casita Borbon Beach Farm, Barangay Tabunan, Borbon, Cebu, Philippines.
Contact and Reservation numbers: (032) 3164806; 09173247555

Kalanggaman Island. It is a popular destination in Cebu Province among guests for island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, picnicking, etc.

Photo: Kalanggaman Island - One Casita at Borbon Beach Farm, Cebu, Philippines


Silmugi River
Kalanggaman Island
Capitancillo Islet
Marine Sanctuary
Borbon Beach Farm

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