Packaging Industry Business in Cebu
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Great packaging industry business on the island

Packaging Industry Business

Among the booming business industries in Cebu Province, packaging industry is one of them. Various individuals and companies take on the challenge on investing in this business opportunity.

All sorts of packaging products are being produced on this tropical and tourism destination island due to its local and international companies operating progressively.

Cebu's packaging industry business establishments produce packages for products of various sorts including frozen, processed, liquid and solid materials.

Advantages of doing packaging industry business in Cebu

First of all, Cebu Province is becoming more the center of business and trade in central Philippines. Raw materials and other resources in the production of packages are cheaper since they are easily available from other neighboring regions including Mindanao.

Second, the political and social environment is a lot safer and stable in this province.

Third, Cebu is geographically safer from typhoons, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions among other natural disasters. The seaports and airport are safe from other sorts of threats.

Fourth, since Cebu (or Mactan Island) has an already established export  processing zones (or MEPZ), you can easily learn from them and feel assured that your products will be properly produced and delivered to their intended buyers and consumers.

Among other advantages of starting a packaging industry business in Cebu, you will have all the opportunities to search other forms of business opportunities in this province’s beautiful and white beaches and islands.

Okay, let’s check out some of the already existing packaging products and other possible products you might want to invest on.

Boxes made of paper products are being produced by Cebu's packaging industry business companies to pack and export products of various sorts, such as food, jewelries, cosmetics, accessories, etc.

Some Packaging Industry Business Products

Various companies located in Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan Island produce packages made from plastic or vinyl products

Plastic products: Fabric care products, farm products, delicacies, breads and pastries, clothing and textiles, candy, toys, novelty products, electronics, processed meat and poultry, food services, frozen foods, etc.

These products are being produced by Mandaue Libertad Commercial & Packaging ( Certainly, there are more companies that produce similar products with various qualities, designs and other descriptions.

Plain and Printed Plastic Products
For this sort of products, companies produce more varied products for all sorts of packaging purposes. These packaging products include:

sliced bread bags, cookie bags, T-Shirt pouches, sando bags, shoe bags, patty liners, frozen food bags, ice bags, promo posters, boutique bags, cellphone bags, take-out bags, pastry wrappers, auto-packing wrappers, snack food, 3 side seal bags, transparent plain/ziplock bags, stand-up pouches, clear / half-metalized / full-metalized, ribbon bags and liquid bags

These products are mostly produced by the following company:
Cebu Printing and Packaging Corporation
Landline: +63 32 346 8518

More various packaging industry business opportunities

Other companies that are already thriving and successful in their business have various products that cater to various needs in packaging all sorts of products. In addition to packaging products, companies diversify their products that would include printed materials and paper products. Let’s check out what we found.

Paper Packaging Products
Paper shopping bags, corrugated cartons, paper gift box, duplex boxes, big cardboard box, watch box, folders, jewelry box, gift bags, packing boxes, cardboard boxes, greeting cards, pizza boxes, wine box, paper products,

Office and business products
Business cards, envelopes, notepads, letterheads, event tickets, letterheads, brochures, flyers, handbills, buntings; official receipts, half page forms, full page forms, provisional receipts, packing lists, delivery receipts, sales invoice, vouchers, export declarations; wrappers in rolls, and tabulating stock forms

For Publications and Calendars
Journals, softbound/hardbound books and yearbooks, souvenir programs, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, manuals, all-purpose cards, booklets, etc., commercial wall calendar, calendar boards with date pads, special tent calendars, and ordinary tent calendars

Packaging and Labels
Custom tags, medicine boxes, soap boxes, die cut labels, paper and sticker labels, brownie, pie, cake boxes, popcorn boxes, paper bags, etc.

You can find most of these products from many companies including Clavano Printers Company (

Plastics are being used by packaging industry business companies in Cebu Province

Interesting International Annual Trade Show

Now, if you have started thinking of opening your door for a packaging industry business, you might want to check out some exhibitions by companies specially related to this business field.

Packprint Plas Cebu is an annual trade show being held by Global-Link MP Events International Inc. This is an international trade show usually held at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Cebu, Philippines.

This is open to all trade visitors and interested groups or individuals who might invest on this business field.

The business sectors that enjoy this trade show include: graphic arts, paper, printing, reprography, packaging, plastics, rubber, paper, among other sectors.

This annual exhibition usually exhibits products from various companies that specialize on the following produce: plastics and rubber, packaging products, processing and refrigerating equipment, technology, materials, accessories, supplies and services; printing and labelling, paper and paper products, graphic arts, digital imaging equipment, pre-press and post-press solutions exhibitions.

More information here:

Doing Packaging Industry Business Opportunity

If you or any friend of yours is seeking for this similar business venture, you might have to check out a government department relevant to this industry in Cebu. The Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines regulates all business related aspects in the country.

Certainly, for easy access, DTI has a branch office in Cebu City and Lapu-Lapu City (Mactan Island) where you can inquire anything about starting a business in Cebu, or when you register and apply for business license. Here is the link for packaging industry:

Thanks for visiting this page. Hope this helps your search.

Have a great day then.

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