Palanas Farm and Resort


Palanas Farm Resort is an environmental and tranquil farm resort facility lying in the valley of Boljoon, Southern Cebu, Philippines.

The resort offers great resources of the natural environment including flora and fauna surrounding and within the facility itself.

Aside from having a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere, you can also enjoy some active and stress-relieving events around the area.

This farm and resort facility nestles on an 11-hectare property of this hilly and mountainous part of the town that gives you scenic view of the surrounding areas.

As you well know, you can do a lot of fun and relaxing activities (or inactivities) in places like this.

To name but a few, here are some of the events you can enjoy with…
Trekking & hiking
Fishing (in their mini pond)
Swimming at the pool
Eating farm products and home style cooking
Enjoying a mini-zoo (great for kids)
Sports activities
Flying a Cesna Plane to any destination in the Visayas Region
Exploring Boljoon Heritage Sites: Century-old church, Baluartes, Walls, etc.

There is so much you can do in this area and through this resort that you would have no time to do all these.

To spend your time well, you might need a place to sleep in for a night or longer days. Let’s see their accommodation facilities…

To enjoy your stay, Palanas Farm Resort offers various types of cottages sit within this amazing area.

There are 8 types of cottages than can accommodate from 2 to 10 guests. Depending on the type, you can have an air-condition facility, cable TV, kitchen, etc.

Here are the types of cottages named after local flowers…

Santan: twin-sharing bedroom for 2 persons (Php 1,500.00).
Dormitory Type: twin-bed for 2 occupants (Php 1,800.00)
Rose:     2 single beds for 2 guests (Php 2,000.00)
Gerberra: 3 double decks for 6 guests (Php 2,900.00)
Golden Shower: 5 beds by the poolside for 5 guests (Php 2,900.00)
Jasmine: 5 beds with kitchen for 5 guests (Php 3,500.00)
Poinsettia: 1 double deck/8 single beds for10 guests (Php 5,000.00)
Sampaguita: 10 beds with kitchen for 10 guests (    Php 5,000.00)
Cattleya: 1 single bed/twin sharing/queen bed for 10 guests, with kitchen (Php 5,000.00)
Waling Waling: 8 single beds/1 double deck for 10 guests, with kitchen (Php 5,000.00)
Green Cottage: 11 single beds with kitchen for 11 guests (Php 5,500.00)
Blue Cottage: 11 single beds with kitchen for 11 guests (Php 5,500.00)
Pink Cottage: 13 single beds/1 double deck with kitchen for 15 guests (Php 7,500.00)

Let us also check out the facilities and other services they provide although some have been mentioned already above.

Way of the Cross, Trekking Paths, Heritage Tour, Rent-a-plane, Swimming pool,
Function rooms, Recreation Kiosk, Fish Ponds, Farm, Mini Zoo, Picnic area,
Sports facilities, Hiking Trails, Therapeutic Massage, and Catering Service

This resort is about 119 kilometers from Cebu City, but getting there is not that difficult since there are various public transports you can avail. Suggested means of transport…

Aircon or Non-Aircon Bus
Take any of these buses from Cebu South Bus Terminal and inform the conductor to drop you off at Boljoon town proper. From the town, the resort’s shuttle can pick you up, or you can take a backride on a motorbike waiting at the bus stop.

Driving your private vehicle
Notice the popular Boljoon Church on your right hand side and the Municipal Hall on your left hand side before you arrive the place. Passing through a wet market you will see a billboard of Palanas Resort on your right hand side. Then you’ll find a small bridge heading south and keep going up on a concrete road towards the resort.
If you get lost, just ask the locals.

For pick up (and drop off) service, please inquire directly regarding rates from the resort for updates and further details.

Address: Pondohan, Upper Becerril, 6024 Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines
Mobile    : 0922-8178598
Tel. No.   : (63-32) 231-2727, (63-32) 514-2517, (63-32) 520-5641

Address: 15 Pastrano Compound, Apas, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. : (63-32) 231-2727, (63-32) 514-2517, (63-32) 520-5641
Fax No.   : (63-32) 231-2727
Mobile    : 0927-4330213, 0917-4341469, 0927-3270755
Email      : or
Contact Persons: Mrs. Violeta Estella / Ms. Eunice Estella Owner / Operations Manager

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Thanks for dropping by and reading through the page. Hope this helps you find your vacation venue or holiday destination.
Have a wonderful day and great vacation!

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